New Moon in Taurus – Rebirth – the Hard Line

This month the New Moon peaks in Taurus, exact at 5:16 am PDT on Wednesday April 26th. We’re in the midst of Mercury retrograde through Aries, Saturn retrograde through Sagittarius, and Pluto in Capricorn has just joined the retrograde fun. This is a time to review inspirations and follow through, double check idealism and look realistically at what our actions are accumulating to create. This Taurus New Moon is two fold medicine; nurturing the Spring invitation to Rebirth, and demonstrating the basic limitations to our growth.

Birth is messy. It’s actually worse than messy. Birth is the most disgusting magical thing you can ever do. This month I gave birth to a beautiful new human carrying an epic cosmic soul. Tiny, gentle, soft, powerful, strong. I rebirthed myself into a Mother. I am no longer a Princess. The Princess of Wands was my tarot archetype for a long time, she taught me a lot about myself. I grew out of her wisdom a few years ago and transitioned through the Star and the Empress while pregnant. I am now officially a Queen. Initiated and empowered. I witnessed the rebirth of my loving partnership into the connective hub at the center of a sweet little family. This month has been a beautiful powerful process. It has also been painful, bewildering and pushed all three of us to our physical and emotional limits. Birth came literally for me and my family, but Rebirth is calling all of us this Spring. New aspects of personality, new goals, needs and motivations have been stirring and growing since the Equinox last month. The New Moon in Taurus this month builds out the physical ramifications of this new sense of Self. What do we have to change on the physical plane to support our new state of being? What’s changed in our body, our home, our work? What do we need to build to keep our hearts and bodies healthy and happy?

Before we start running in our new shoes we need to treat the blisters from our worn out sneakers. There are limitations to our growth. There always are. Pain points we chew on until they bleed. Sometimes we feel them more than others. Mercury retrograde in Aries brings up the limitations of our ideals. We cannot run blindly forward, chasing a beautiful utopia, unless we build out practical steps in between. We have to start with where we are now, and what actions have gotten us to this point in particular. Mercury retrograde in Aries reflects what we’ve told people we want to achieve. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius completes internal changes to move closer to those goals. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn then highlights the difference between where we want to be and what we can do to get there. It’s not really a matter of motivation or work ethic, it’s a matter of actual ability. We can only do so much, especially at any one point in time. We only have so much time and resources at our disposal. This review of our past actions gives us room to try something different.

Spring has shown us how much we can take and how hard we can work when Rebirth is at hand, but that kind of intensity is not sustainable. We can call forth that burst of energy and focus when the situation is dire, when the crux of experience demands it, but bigger goals and dreams require structured plans with gentle steps and consistent follow through. Taurus Sun and now Taurus Moon demand that we grow sustainably. Measured progress. Practical intentions. Tangible results. Inspiring goals are useless if they are unattainable, or left hanging on the vine as fruits of the mind. For these great ideals to become a true force of Joy and Inspiration in our lives we need to pull them down from the pedestal of utopia and build steps that bring us closer to actualization. Why do those goals call to us?  Can we work towards a practical model to meet those needs now? Each step we achieve then becomes an affirmation of our own strength and follow through, an affirmation of our loving dreams, of the force of Life pulsing in hearts. Stop day dreaming and start drawing blueprints. Honor your limitations by acknowledging your rebirth. You don’t have to know how to do everything. Just start with doing what you Love.

Build the Life you Love.

Blessed Be.



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