Full Moon in Virgo – Waves and Pressure

This month the Full Moon peaks in Virgo, exact at 7:54 am PST on Sunday March 12th (3:54 pm GMT). The Full Moon in Virgo comes with influences from Venus retrograde in Aries, Mercury moving into Aries, and Mars moving into Taurus. All three inner planets shifting pushes us to review interactions and look for new ways to engage. Emotions roll through in waves. Pressure builds in relationships and situations, the discomfort peaks, we talk it out or make a change, and the tides ebb again.

Venus retrograde is a time to rehash our desires and passions. What we find lovely, alluring, enticing is taking a new shape. Venus retrograde through Aries opens the door to new passions and excitements. This is a time to try some things out and ditch the been there done that. That old creative thing is just not satisfying anymore, we need a new expression. New sexual excitements come up now too. Thought you were into tall blondes? Funny how that dark haired wonder is piquing your curiosity. It’s so different than what we’re used to, but maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly what we need. The tried and true is old. Doing the same thing again will bring us the same result. We need something new, something fresh, something hot off the press. Something inspiring.

Mercury in Aries gets us talking excitedly about new directions. Spring is almost here! Things are waking up that have been dormant for a long time. It’s fun to share and express excitement. Big talk and even bigger ideas are flowing through our lives and our hearts. We just need to be careful not to commit to doing more than we can. Talk big, talk enormous! Get those ideas wild and flowing free, but don’t push go just yet. Mars in Taurus has slowed down our action cycle, and we need to be mindful of how much time, energy and money it actually takes to carry on our path or start a new endeavor. Mars in Taurus is no nonsense. Either we have the resources to do it, or we just don’t. Be honest, be blunt. Above all, don’t kid yourself. It’s ok to be totally excited by an idea and not be able to participate in the doing of it. We all have limitations. Sometimes lending your enthusiasm to an idea is all it needs to take off in the hands of another. We still have to choose how we spend our time and energy. We can’t do it all, especially not all at once.

The real star of the show early this week is the Virgo Full Moon. She is a pressure cooker. It’s hot in the kitchen, for good reason. The Aries, Taurus ebb and flow of energy and ideas through the inner planets is a roller coaster of inspiration. There’s so many directions to explore. The Virgo Full Moon says: But what do you do well? She won’t let us run off half cocked towards something we have absolutely no aptitude for. We need to see results from our efforts or it just won’t go anywhere. She also brings the end of physical cycles; body issues finally getting resolved with a good regimen, housing issues, sexual issues, food issues, money issues. She’s done playing this game. Virgo Full Moon applies pressure to force resolution. We need a fresh start, but we have some hard facts to face and spring cleaning to do before we charge off on a new adventure. She is going to make us sweat for it. The more hard work we put in now facing our fears, owning our part and working hard to set things right, the better off we’ll be in two weeks when Spring Equinox kicks off with Aries Sun and we start the Spring slip and slide of play, produce, share. Get your heart in order, get your house in order. Big new beginnings are right around the corner. Use the pressure. Lean into the discomfort. Rise with the tides and explore love in a whole new way.

Work Hard, Love Hard.

Blessed Be.




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