Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse – Catch and Release

This month the New Moon peaks in Pisces, exact at 6:58 am PST (2:58 pm GMT) on Sunday Feb 26th. The New Moon comes with a Solar Eclipse harmony and a Mercury shift into Pisces accompaniment. The Solar Eclipse will be visible only from the Southern tip of Africa, so hold up your heart, not your viewing goggles. This is a moment of deep intuition and healing release. Pisces New Moon guides us through letting go of ego fear and expectations under this ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse.

New Moon in Pisces makes our intuition tangible. Swirly feelings pulling on our heart strings are tied to real dreams and real needs. Pisces Moon wants us to listen carefully to our inner knowing and act from there. It may not look how other people want it to look, it may not be the ‘safe’ choice, but it is a choice for change and for Love. Pisces can see what’s coming on the horizon. She knows the flow of life, the river to the ocean, the Path that leads to the next iteration. She cannot help but keep moving, the rain cannot help but fall. Pisces New Moon comes to wash away the structures we’ve built that are not sturdy enough to sustain the new life we are growing.

The Solar Eclipse heightens the need to relieve pressure. The Ring of Fire is a reference to how these eclipses look, but it’s also how they feel. Letting go of fear is challenging. Things come to a head under a Solar Eclipse like this one. Compassionate communication can be hard to remember in the moment, but change is normal, in fact it’s necessary. We cannot ignore or avoid the situation any longer. The work we’re doing under these stars is nothing short of letting go of ego and what we want things to look like. We’re coming full cycle on the dreams and love we seeded last year. Cancer got the heart waters flowing, Scorpio took us to the bottom of the well, but Pisces actually transforms our heart space. It’s time to let go of wanting to be seen a certain way, to the illusions of how we are in the world, and be true to who we are now. Goals are great, but not if they drive us to ignore our intuition and heart in the moment. The signs are screaming at us if we stop and listen. We know change is coming. Let go of the fear around it and start building support for it.

Mercury moving into Pisces helps us talk about the big changes as they come, but it can lead to some cyclical discussions. Don’t be surprised if folks need to hash things out more than once to feel like all the important points are covered. Mercury in Pisces will bring natural, organic conversations up to relieve pressure, the catch and release of discussion tactics. Keep your lines clear, grab a topic, measure it, take a cool photo of your fishing buddy in the moment, and let it go. The New Moon will heighten our intuition and the Solar Eclipse will mark where ego has gotten the better of us. We need solid structures, built on Love, not fear, to carry us through the next phase of growth. Sandcastles will not survive this Moon, but trees and mountains are nourished by the changing waters of late winter. The thaw has begun. Spring is around the corner. The rains and the rivers are swelling over the land. Let the Pisces waters prepare your heart for the next big adventure.

Love and Release!

Blessed Be.




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