Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – Going Together

This month the Full Moon peaks in Leo, exact at 4:33 pm PST on Friday Feb 10th (12:33 am, Feb 11th GMT). This month the Full Moon is accompanied by a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Penumbral eclipses don’t look like much, but the astrological impact of the Moon passing through the even the outer edge of the shadow of the Earth is powerful. This Full Moon Eclipse rides in on the heels of Jupiter retrograde, Mars and Venus transiting into Aries, and Mercury moving into Aquarius. So much going on! We have to keep moving, but we’re focused on long term sustainability under these stars. We’re in it for the long haul, we are all connected, and it’s time to act like it. We’re making decisions now to set us up for success way farther down the line.

Knowing the future is impossible. Projecting for likely scenarios is human nature. Our ability to accurately predict and plan for events is affected by so many factors that it’s basically insane to even try. And yet, here we are, millennia later, still trying to decide whether to sharpen our tools or harvest more berries based on how long we think the storm will last and whether our sister will want to go hunting with us or guard the cave. This time around we have some allies as we plan. Our first ally is Jupiter retrograde in Libra beginning on Feb. 6th, giving us a break from growth so we can explore our options in depth. Some great opportunities and ideas have come across our noticing. It’s time to cull the herd, weigh and consider, and let go of options that are not really in alignment. We’re especially focused on supportive community, and Mercury moving into Aquarius has us discussing the big picture with our comrades. We don’t have to agree completely, but we do have to all be supported by working together.

The Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse has our creative center running the show, and our emotional center on the back burner. For many this is a welcome relief. Those powerful emotions are still there, but manifestation of action and art takes center stage for a bit. The Lunar Eclipse allows us to pause the emotional roller coaster long enough to watch the chips fall. The final hand is being dealt. Mars and Venus in Aries give us the curiosity to sit down at the table and ante up. Jupiter retro helps us review our options and the Lunar eclipse gives us the best poker face for the last round of betting. The Leo Full Moon brings a flair of presentation to the moment, but the once the cards are down, we know where we stand. The psychical realities of our situation are on display; how much money we can actually make or save; how far and long we can travel; how much sleep, food, water, sex and exercise we need; how many people we can really talk to. The limits of our body, home and money are clear.

The next two weeks is for testing solutions. We know where we want to go, we’ve even decided on some things that will not get us there, but there’s still several things left to try. Mars and Venus in Aries get us moving. We can’t expect results right away, but we can take the first step in several directions and see what pans out. Focus on functionality and community and give your heart a rest for a few days. The emotions will still be there tomorrow. The writing on the wall is on display now, and the show is spectacular. We’ll get there. Together. So let’s have fun with the journey!

Be Better Together!

Blessed Be.





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