New Moon in Aquarius – Year of the Fire Rooster – Raw and Rowdy

This month the New Moon peaks in Aquarius, exact on Friday Jan 27th at 4:07 pm PST (11:07 GMT). This New Moon also heralds the start of the Chinese New Year, in the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster. All the planets are direct for a while, with no retrogrades until February 5th. Mars moves into Aries on the same day as the New Moon, making this an auspicious weekend for rising to action and planning for the next year.

We’ve just come through a round of serious changes. In the US especially, and all over the world, our worst fears are playing out in national politics. On top of the human rights atrocities happening by the hour, many of us continue to face personal challenges. The New Moon in Aquarius is opening unresolved issues that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time, years or decades even. Even the current political climate is the result of decades of disenfranchised angry people looking to extreme movements to satisfy their craving for change. On a personal level the battles we’ve been fighting on and off for years come to another head. Health issues resurface, old self worth issues and anxieties come up, cyclical relationships struggles come up for another round. This Moon gives old wounds fresh air to breath and heal, but first we notice how nasty and festering the situation has gotten.

Year of the Fire Rooster awakens our senses. Every fiber of our being is screaming a us to do something NOW. Fire Rooster demands practical, tangible evidence and tactics. This is no time for reckless rage and reaction. This is a time to be loud and poignant. To get involved in real time, doing things that really work, to make the changes we want to see in our world, in our country, in our relationships, in ourselves. The problem is what direction to go first? Moving forward on one issue at a time is not really feasible. Our human rights are under fire, our body needs more attention from professionals and careful nutrition, our plan for school has just turned from one more term into another year, and our heart is still broken on the floor. We need to start on a few different things and work our way out from the center on all of them. We have to start with the body. Then we can focus on the mind and heart. Once we get our emotional feet under us, then we can really make waves on our bigger plans and goals.

Mars in Aries gives us plenty of options to get us started. It gives us a boost of excitement and energy, but it can push us past our point of actual ability if we’re not careful. The trick with these stars is to get fired up and get inspired, but keep the daily focus on staying healthy personally. We can’t make the big decisions for the world or for our lives if we’re in fear, lack and scarcity mode. The Year of the Fire Rooster is a call to action, practical revolutionary action. The New Moon in Aquarius shows us the battles we’ve been fighting longer than we realize, and asks us to hone our strategy. Mars in Aries gives us the strength to keep moving, but it also makes us restless. Be patient with yourself. Be compassionate with your neighbor. Do things that work towards change instead of flailing against your reality. Hold your heart like a precious breath of life, hold your loved ones like you’ll never let go, and together we will advance, calmly, with intention and intelligence, towards the future we want to live in.

Rise and Resist!

Blessed Be.


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