Full Moon in Cancer – Movement

This month the Full Moon peaks in Cancer, exact on Tuesday Jan 12th at 3:34 am PST (11:34 am GMT). The Cancer Full Moon brings us inward to the deep of winter and the bottom of our hearts. Our greatest fears and our most potent sources of Love are illuminated now. Mercury is direct again in Capricorn, but we’re still rolling through the fallout. Cleaning up and moving on. All the planets are moving direct for the next month helping things fall into place quickly. This can be a boon or a hindrance if we’re not planning for it. Intentions come together faster than we expect.

Mercury retrograde pushed us to admit the flaws with our plans. It showed us the places we need more focus and the places that the plan has failed us. We’ve made some milestones in our healing, but not without cost. Now we get to do some damage control; realign our expectations and our plans. We had too many eggs for one basket and a couple have broken. Stand up, wipe the egg off your face, own your part in the situation, pick up the pieces worth saving and get back on track. It’s ok to get derailed. We’re even allowed to have a personal pity party about it as long as we keep moving.

Emotional reactions take center stage with the Cancer Full Moon. It’s time to clear the air. Feelings that got muddled under Mercury retrograde are clear and strong now. Use it. Communicate with heart. Say what you need to say to make your heart feel right. The next steps on the Path are starting to come into view. The Cancer Full Moon is our reminder to lead with Love. Make those choices based on what brings us deeper into Love with all of existence. Cancer Full Moon has refreshed our Joy centers. We remember what brings us joy. Now we get to build it into our lives.

All the planets are moving direct until February 5th. This means that ideas turn into plans turn into action without much delay. Once we shake off the lingering webs of Mercury retro we get a chance to reset. This next month will calibrate our expectations for this year. When life is trucking along, this is what it looks like. This is our base energy level. This is the amount of random upheaval we can expect. This is the amount of extra leg work and collaboration needed. The events that start to move into priority will be driving factors for 2017. Pick up the pieces post retrograde, let your heart sing with the Joy of the Cancer Full Moon and start making moves for an awesome year!

Keep Moving!

Blessed Be.

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  1. Aloha Lisa,

    Yea and thank you for your astro-update! This one is my very first, having just recently moved to Portland (from NYC) – just in time to catch these winter snows … which is actually a good thing, as the energies of internal regeneration are so rich and physically present. As an energy artist myself, I dearly appreciate the complicity and harmony of aligning into, through and with the solar cycles unfolding in real-time. For years I’ve received a number of these periodic updates, keeping me informed along my way … and thusly, greatly appreciate your approach.

    As an aside Lisa, I recently celebrated a birthday and as often the case, have a progressed transit reading around this time. No longer being on the east coast, my usual astro-exchange partners aren’t available. I imagine you’d prefer cash payment, however, will leave you the web site to my work Heart Tantra – Heart Centered Healing (heartantra.com) to see if working and exchanging together appeals to you.

    As a rule, I initially always schedule a coffee or tea time meet-up with those I work or exchange with, should you be so intersected. My treat. As scheduling would have it, I have a workshop planed for this Sunday, so won’t be at Dance Church to potentially say hello then.

    In every case Lisa, it’s a pleasure to receive your work and I wish you great success in your own life’s journey ~
    Take good care
    and always

    Namaste Your Way,


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