Capricorn New Moon and Mercury Retrograde – Happy New Year 2017!

This month the New Moon peaks in Capricorn on Dec. 28th at 10:53 pm PST (Dec. 29th 6:53 am GMT). The New Moon lands in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury retrogrades through Capricorn for three weeks, with a few days of Sagittarius at the very end. Capricorn is the building blocks of our material lives: health and body, home and family, work and money, simple pleasures, basic needs. Caps are the ‘show me’ sign of the zodiac, and this New Moon is no exception.

Mercury Retrograde through Capricorn brings us through a review of the last year. New Years Resolutions are more potent if we harness the inspiration of this New Moon to fuel our goals for self betterment. This year in review highlights the foundations of our current situation, the staples in our recipe for life. Survival, comfort and beauty are the keys to this exploration. We need all three. The beginning of 2017 offers us a little burst of Mercury in Sagittarius to help us explore new options, but we need to acknowledge the drivers of our behavior first. It’s time to be honest about what we need to survive and thrive, and whether we’ve actually been taking care of those needs, blindly seeking pleasure or ignoring the hard facts of our situation.

The Capricorn New Moon is a new check point for normal. It’s a show me moment. A realization of how things are. It can be uncomfortable. Capricorn will take the bad with the good as long as it’s real. This New Moon has no patience for flights of fancy unless it leads to real plans and amazing art. We need to see the connection between the big picture and the daily routine. We need perspective, not imaginative delusion. We might have to step back from our routine though, so we can see the progress of the plan in motion. Looking at the big picture and celebrating progress takes the tedium out of the details and keeps us from pushing for immediate results when a little bit of patience makes the journey joyful.

Capricorn New Moon coupled with Mercury Retrograde helps us sort the areas of slow patient growth from stagnant toxic waters that need motivation. There are some areas where we need a jump start. We find ourselves rehashing actions and ideas, looking for ways we could have done things differently. Don’t beat a dead horse, and don’t let fear of judgement be the guiding force. We can’t please everyone. We have to do what keeps us healthy, even if that means not meeting expectations and demands. We do the best we can in the moment with what we have. No one can do everything and no one can please everyone, especially not all the time. Keep that in mind when your own expectations are more than others can deliver on. Mercury Retrograde is always a good time to allow extra room for maneuvering and to keep compassion in your heart and on your tongue. Capricorn New Moon and Mercury Retrograde is the perfect reflection and realignment to kick off 2017 with a fresh commitment to health, kindness and beauty.

Get Healthy, Live Beautifully!

Blessed Be in 2017!

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