Full SuperMoon in Gemini – Truth Bomb

This month the Full Moon peaks in Gemini, closer to the earth than usual, making it a SuperMoon! The apex was at 4:05pm PST (11:05pm GMT) Tuesday Dec. 13th.  The Gemini Full Moon forces us to acknowledge things. Gemini is the communications hub, the information sponge, the ultimate reflection of the zodiac. What comes into stark relief under this SuperMoon is the cold hard facts. We cannot ignore them anymore. It’s time to be brutally honest with ourselves and start living in alignment with the Truth.

The Gemini SuperMoon comes supported by Venus in Aquarius. This pairing shows us how long term goals and desires play into our current reality, or don’t. Mars fleshes out the Aquarius chorus and pushes us to act now. We cannot lie to ourselves anymore. Information is coming at us from all sides showing us infinite reflections of our situation. The limitations we face are so real. The ideals we have are due for a re-examination. Communications flare and flash under this SuperMoon. Big words and bright ideas come rushing through, and Gemini is not a sign that’s known for tact. Gemini is known for playing with ideas, for digging for Truth under the scariest circumstances, looking the devil in the eye, looking fear in the eye and saying YES. I will. I will grow. I will understand. I will realize the next evolution. I will get my ideas out there, no matter how scary it is. Backed by a sky full of Fire and Air alignments things feel a little unpredictable. Sit with the discomfort. Let it sit until you realize the Blessing it’s riding on.

Watch your words and actions carefully over the next few weeks. Notice what really moves you. Notice what makes you laugh. Notice who makes you feel so safe you can cry. Notice how easy it is to be vulnerable. Tell people what you want, who you are, what you need. Tell everyone. Their judgment is just another data point about them. It has nothing to do with you and what you want to become. The only thing it shows you is where the Path of more resistance lies. Look for the sources of support and follow them. Reflect on the most intense signs, guidance and feelings you’ve engaged with over the last year. Look at the pattern they make, if it’s not going to lead where you want to go, then it’s time to make some radical changes. Be honest with yourself about what you need to do to live the life you want to live. Change your mind. Change your heart. Change your Life. Listen to your dreams.

Speak Your Truth.

Blessed Be.



  1. This Gemini Supermoon is also backed by the sun in Sagittarius, the philosopher and the frank communicator. It’s the Gemini playfulness that makes it EASY to change with this astrological support.

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