New Moon in Sagittarius – The Limits of Truth

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November comes to a close with a New Moon in Sagittarius, exact at 4:18 am PST on Tuesday the 29th (12:18 pm GMT). The New Moon amplifies and ripples out the effects of Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius. This trifecta pushes us to explore a new aspect of our limitations and boundaries. The aspect of communication. There is a time and a place and an appropriate messenger in many situations. These stars push us into scenarios where we test the waters of what we really need to express and to whom.

When and how we chose to share our words and ideas are an important piece of our identity. Most of the time we censor ourselves to some degree, based on the company we are in. It’s a natural part of social relating and survival in diverse social environments. Problems arise when we are censoring most of our Self most of the time. Those social conditions over a long period of time lead to lack of self worth, mistrust of others and the world at large, confusion and paranoia. For shorter periods of time it’s energetically and emotionally draining; especially if there isn’t a shared task to focus on and direct the interaction.

It’s important to have people and places in our life where we can be our whole Self. Feeling like you are never free to just be yourself is very hard on the Spirit. Some of us prefer the sanctuary of solitude for just this reason. It’s less taxing to be alone. But that’s only part of the equation. Being alone gives us the reprieve from interaction, but we need more than that. Even the most introverted people need supportive folks in their life. We need external social input. We can validate ourselves to an extent, but eventually we have to interact with other humans, and their reactions are meaningful. Not caring what other people think is not real. Everyone cares about what someone thinks at some point. Who those people are, and the extent to which it affects our psyche varies greatly.

Living in constant censorship for fear of others’ discomfort or reaction leaves us drained and makes it hard to Trust our Self. We need places where we can express whatever comes up and not worry about judgement or harsh reactions. Therapists and counselors are great for that. They’re impartial. Neutral. They’re trained to be good listeners; to remember and reflect. Readers and psychics fill a similar role. We’re here to witness whatever comes up and make an honest effort to walk through the process with our clients. Paying for services helps us identify what we need, but there’s no substitute for true friends, loving family and like minded community.

The New Moon in Sagittarius highlights both sides of the communication boundaries coin. There are some things that certain people just don’t need to know. We don’t have the energy to manage their reaction or hold their hand through their guilt or involvement. It’s also ok to not engage with someone because it’s too much work. There’s a difference though, between having good boundaries with a demanding person and avoiding a hard conversation that leads to relational integrity. In short term relationships that choice is easy. Will I ever have this issue with this person again? Is it easier on me to let this go than bring it up? In long term relationships, family, community members, bosses, colleagues, partners, we pick our battles. Will talking it out actually change my feelings or their actions? Is sharing this information a breach of someone else’s Trust, or creating a network of support? Will this person help me refine and understand my feelings and ideas or tear me down with negativity? This New Moon is a moment to reevaluate our communication standards. We need places to reflect ideas and share our fears as we evolve. If we’re not getting the support we need, it’s time to look elsewhere. Let this Sagittarius New Moon guide your words and your interactions. Tell people the Truth. Or don’t. Say what you need to say to be strong and supported.

Communicate With Compassion.

Blessed Be.

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