Full SuperMoon in Taurus – Real Revolution


This month the Full Moon peaks in Taurus, exact on November 14th at 5:52 am PST (1:52 pm GMT). This is a SuperMoon, which means the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual, intensifying the impact. We’ve entered the Winter months where the planets begin to spread out across the signs. The elemental influence of the planets is more balanced now, and we get tastes of the beginning, middle and end of different cycles all at once. Neptune goes direct after a 5 month retrograde to give us an intuitive healing boost and carry us through the political and personal mayhem.

The intensity and fervor of the time we live in has just skyrocketed. Personal strength and community empowerment is more crucial now than ever. The stars are primed for great revolutionary plans. Mercury in Sagittarius has us talking about amazing possibilities. Venus in Capricorn aligns our desires with our physical reality and Mars in Aquarius readies us for an active revolution. With the support of a well balanced planetary lineup we can visualize the full life cycle of changes we want to implement. We can also see limiting parameters and external influences. Full SuperMoon in Taurus will not allow us to ignore practical logistics as we line out the grand plan. The budget and timing of our revolution are just as important as our passion. We do not act in a vacuum. Admitting our situation means being honest about what we can do. Pooling resources, skills and abilities takes time, effort and planning. We need to organize and work together now more than ever.

On a personal level, the Full SuperMoon in Taurus shines her light on the aspects of our physical reality that are harder to change. Home, job, body, health, long term relationships. The stable points and support structures of our lives come into focus. The Full Moon shows us who and what we really depend on. This is the critical reality check at the heart of our long term planning and wider social progress goals and involvement. Each person can only do so much at any given moment. The other piece we see under this Moon are the places where we do the supporting. Who and what we support with our actions, no matter how small, is more important than how many articles we read or blasts we post on social media. It’s time for real change and that means hard work. The Taurus Full Moon will not let us rest on our armchair activism laurels, but she reminds us starkly of our physical limitations. Work together, work hard, work smart. Don’t try to push beyond your capabilities or you become a burden when you’re trying to help.

The trick is patience. The world doesn’t change overnight. Even major changes being set in motion that wrench our hearts will take years to roll out. We must start the wheels in motion now of what we want to achieve and protect in the next 2 years, so when the physical impact of change hits, we are standing strong, smart and safe together. The violence and hatred will subside as we stand up, over and over again, in peaceful protest, for human rights and the people we care about. If you need to be helpful right now, ask what is needed of you, and go do it. Support the organizations that are already working hard. Support the people who need it, but ask them what they need first. Taurus Full Moon knows this is the long game. Plan well, be smart, organize with like minded folks, and care for your loved ones with all the passion in your heart. Get to work.

Work. Love. Revolution. Repeat.

Blessed Be.

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