New Moon in Scorpio and Halloween – Myths and Mysteries


This month the New Moon peaks in Scorpio the day before Halloween, October 30th at 10:38 am (5:38 am GMT). Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, All Souls Night and Day of the Dead are all celebrations of those who have gone before. This is the time when the veil between worlds is thin. We can hear the messages of our guides and ancestors more clearly. This time of year is not a celebration of endings, it’s a celebration of the connection to what once was. Nostalgia, the old country, the old ways, the stories of our youth and ancestors are powerful reminders of the medicine we carry with us in this lifetime. As much as we might like to sometimes, we can’t really forget the past. We can however, use it as a tool. We are agents of change, and we start with a blueprint of social conditioning and lineage. Our families of origin and past relationships have their own magic. Honoring where we come from offers important guide points to heal ourselves and our world.

Deepening Fall invites contemplation. Before Winter sets in we need to shed some falsehoods, so we can weather the cold hard months with a simpler perspective. Scorpio New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus pull us into our center like a whirlpool. The days darken, the night softens our perception. If we let our ego fade with the sun, who we really are is undeniable. Our passion and love is palpable. We can feel it in our bones. Emotions pour into our being. Instincts and intuition will not be ignored. We see our patterns of relationship and reaction more clearly than ever. This is no time to be timid. This is a time to be brutally honest with yourself about how you feel and what you really want.  Don’t ignore your feelings, or push past the intuitive warning bells, stop looking the other way when something makes you uncomfortable. Face it. Face yourself. Be Honest. Do something about it.

Once we cut away the false fronts and let go the dying dreams, it’s time to receive. Open our minds and hearts to what is real. Halloween brings powerful messages from our ancestors and spiritual guides. We can glimpse future possibilities and chose our Path with clarity and intention. The New Moon in Scorpio brings a deeper understanding of our inherited gifts and challenges. Samhain carrying advice from the Divine could not be more timely. Sitting in ceremony with our cherished memories and our not so glamorous past gives us room to reflect and grow. We are on the spiral looking across the gap at the last iteration with the intention of doing things differently. We know more than we did before. We’ve learned from some of our mistakes. We have tools and opportunities our ancestors didn’t have.

Looking back under the Scorpio New Moon during All Hallows Eve invites us to reconsider our grand plans, and check them against our true hearts desires and the gifts of guidance we’ve received along the way. The future is just a series of present moments. The present is only as powerful as we make it. The more consciously we chose each step in the Path, the sooner we arrive at a Future we truly appreciate. Gratitude is the first step towards abundance. The messages of our ancestors live in our bones and our hearts. Honor their lives, honor your own. Live for the Now. Make every moment count.

Merry Meet on the Path of Old,

 May we build New Dreams of Ancient Gold.

Blessed Be.

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