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Lighthouse Full Moon

This month the Full Moon peaks in Aries on Saturday night at 9:32 pm, October 15th (4:23 am, Oct. 16th GMT). Aries ignites our creative Spirit as the days darken and Fall slides towards Winter. Venus moves into Sagittarius shortly after the Full Moon, and Mercury and the Sun both shift over into Scorpio in a week. These are powerful emotional times we’re living in. As the rains return and flood waters rise our heart waters flow. The trick is to direct the flow towards healing and release. The Aries Full Moon is our beacon of creative expression through the deep Scorpio waters, but we have to keep feeding our Spirit with inspiration to keep that light shining bright.

Luckily we get to build our personal lighthouse before the high seas swell in our hearts. Aries Full Moon inspires us to try something new. Do something different. Strike out in a new direction. The excitement of adventure can carry us through the toughest storms. Travelling and exploring new places presents solutions we wouldn’t normally consider. This Full Moon is an invitation to treat every day and every situation like we’re out exploring wild new places. What would I do right now if I was 10,000 miles from home? What would I focus on to stay positive and figure out my next move? What if my next move didn’t have to be the end all perfect solution, just a good fix for right now? This line of questioning leads us to release the pressure valve, in the quickest easiest fashion, an excellent Aries trick. Good humor, a tasty snack and a humble approach is all we need. We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t even have to know what we’re doing, but we do have to do something. We can take a brief moment to consider our options, but we need to do something now.

Another guidepost comes to light our way before the Scorpio tides begin to roll in. Venus in Sagittarius on October 18th opens our hearts to personal transformation. Our desires connect to our personal goals and Love fuels us to be the best we can be. Venus in Sagittarius invites us to get out of our comfort zone in search of Love. The more ego we overcome, the more ready we are for Love. Sorting ego from actual safety concerns can be tricky, but if we listen to our hearts we can tell the difference. It starts by noticing our labels. Our adjectives, the fragments of identity; mother, daughter, brother, cat person, fun, boring, helpful, strong, stubborn, healthy, liberal, artist, writer, coach, nerd, foodie, hippie, millennial, baby boomer, aging, naive, creative, wild, free. It’s impossible to catch them all, but we all have labels. Some we chose, some are societal brands and some fit better than others. All of those ideas of Self swirl around inside us like storm clouds in the night, warring for a say in our decisions. Allow the clouds to dissipate, let all the fluff and the ominous rain clouds blow away past the darkened tree line of your Soul. Look up into the night. There, shining in the dark, steady, calm, gentle, is your Moon. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t want. It just is. Your True Self. Your Heart. Your Love.

Aries Full Moon sparks the adventure with inspiration. Venus in Sagittarius burns away our self judgment as we rise to the occasion. Go where you want to go. Become who you want to become. Love how you want to Love. Identity is fluid. Scorpio Sun flows in on the 22nd and Scorpio Mercury on the 24th. Light your inner fire now. Change is still rolling through in waves. Scorpio will bring us to the deeper mysteries at the heart of those changes. The next stage of the journey promises to be meaningful and expressive. Before we head out to the deep sea searching for Love and Truth, let’s curate our creative lighthouse to guide us back to shore. Art, curiosity, innovation and wonder keep us going when the road washes out. The beauty of metaphorical lighthouses, is they change with us as we go. The home shore is always in our hearts. All we have to do is Love.

Love Lights the Way.

Blessed Be.

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