New Moon in Libra – Shattered Mirrors


This month the New Moon peaks in Libra at 5:11 pm PDT on Sept. 30th (12:11am Oct. 1st GMT). The New Moon in Libra allows us to turn over a new leaf on many levels, especially interpersonal ones. Mars and Venus have moved on into Capricorn and Scorpio respectively, and Pluto has finished a 6 month long retrograde. We’re cleansing our social palate with a fresh infusion of awareness and emotional understanding.

Change comes a little more gracefully now. Jupiter is now squarely in Libra and the New Moon supercharges that alignment. Life has slowed down enough that we can consider our situation before it’s time to act. The challenge with strong Libra influence is overthinking until we’re immobilized. Our heart center will motivate us to act with good timing if we keep listening. Pluto direct after a long retrograde gives our heart some peace after the dramatic endings that ripped through our lives last month. The emotional well is a little shallower and the waters a little calmer. Things are looking tentatively up. We were hanging on for dear life through drastic changes that threw our hearts at our feet. We can relax a bit now. Venus moving into Scorpio gives us the emotional awareness we need to start picking up the pieces. Our emotions as we sort through the aftermath become a magical compass to guide us as we begin to make plans.

Start with the fun stuff. Mars in Capricorn is ready to plan and create beautiful, magical experiences. The brass tacks and spreadsheets are still a little daunting, but the justification for them is coming into view. We’ve just let go of a chunk of very real barriers to our success; ideas, places, people, pets, cars, homes, belongings, friends, lovers, foods, money, jobs, identities; all reflections of aspects of ourselves that we’ve outgrown.We don’t need those solutions to our needs anymore.

But the needs are still real. This is where Venus in Scorpio and New Moon with Jupiter in Libra can work a little magic. First we cry. Hard. We processed a lot in the moment, we’ve been practicing letting go. We know how to get to the void, the place where we’re all cried out and a little numb. But now we know what to do here. The void itself is a little different. The emptiness is a relief. The quiet is comforting. We can hear our hearts here, after our wounded self is done screaming. That sweet, loving, trusting heart voice is a doorway. Put your hand on the knob and turn. Stand on the threshold, that magical in between place. Look back at what’s been cried out over and over, what we’ve raged against. Pick up the dirty mat under our feet. Look for the needs underlying that pain. Identify the ache that has been driving the impulsive reactions. The need for human connection and deep understanding is real. Let go of the solutions that didn’t really work. Step through the doorway and look for a new way to meet those needs.

The New Moon in Libra is a moment of trust. It’s going to be ok. Really. We still have a lot of logistics to figure out. There is no right answer. But there is a way. That way is Trust. Let go of fear. If the only thing holding you back from change is the fear that you are unlovable, it’s time to hold yourself. Deeply, tenderly remind your sacred inner child that the people you know now are not the only people on the planet capable of caring about you. For many of us the time to move on is quite literal. We need to go someplace new. Find a new home. A place to grow and change, to really be someone new. We’ve shattered the mirror. Pick up the pieces, but only the ones you need. Take the pieces of Self that you believe in, and leave the old ones behind. The frame and backing of community support will flow naturally if you go with your heart open. You’ll find your people. You might find a whole new family. But you have to get out there and look. Trust the adventure. Figure it out as you go. Affirm the change that is begging you to try. Say yes to newness. Find your family. Find your home.

Home is Calling.

Blessed Be.

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