Pisces Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – The Glorious End

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This Friday at 12:05 pm PDT is the Pisces Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse apex. The penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from Africa and Eurasia as the earths shadow crosses part of the Moon. We’re deep in Mercury Retrograde through Virgo and the final phases of manifestation have gotten complicated. Everything false and misaligned is crumbling away, but we can’t feel into what’s coming next. We see hints and shadows, but to stay in the now is to acknowledge the unknown without trying to change it. This Moon welcomes the openness of the void and the discomfort of possibilities we cannot define.

Pisces Moon and Virgo Mercury retrograde make a powerful pair. This week is a final letting go. Releasing the old self, the dreams that don’t fit anymore. We grieve the life we will never live. We made choices. Affirm them. Step into the now, with your heart on your sleeve. Cry for the way you thought things would go, accept that you will never be who you thought you would. Our innocent young self dreamed up a future life of whimsy and comfort. Freedom, discovery and safety are still critical for our well being, but how we satisfy those needs is not the same as 20 year old us, 15 year old us or even 4 year old us. Our Path in this lifetime has evolved. Virgo Mercury Retrograde is button mashing our lives, creating unexpected change, throwing a wrench in our plans, forcing painful situations to the surface. These are the harbingers of critical realization, showing us what is not working. The hard part is not looking for the solution. The solution isn’t ready yet. The next chapter hasn’t really started. We’re in the magical liminal limbo of the End. We can’t even imagine what comes next. It’s time to sit with the discomfort of the choices we’ve made and simply acknowledge change.

The Lunar Eclipse empties our hearts completely. We’re stretched to the limits of our tolerance for change and frustration, and just as we reach our breaking point, the eclipse offers us a deep release. The vestiges of Self that were holding on to the old way come running to the surface, crying out in protest. Those parts of the Self no longer serve us and we know it. It’s time to say goodbye. This is the end of the End. The chips are down. The fat lady sang. All that’s left are the tears and the fond farewells to a way of life that is no longer. When we get to the bottom of the well, tears cried out, rage spent and fizzled, glorified nostalgic stories honored and released, we find our empty place. Don’t try to fill it up. Don’t look for the solution. Don’t make plans. Don’t worry. Don’t future. Just sit there. In the not knowing, the not having, the not Being. This is an ending, beautiful and sad, glorious, timely and true to the nature of the chapter that is closing. Let the back cover close and caress the creases in the spine. There will be time to dream and celebrate the exciting adventures to come further down the line. For now, enjoy the spectacular sunset splashing across the scene of Life. This is a magnificent moment of change, allow the discomfort, grieve the loss, open your heart and be in the void. Stop. Let Go.

Enjoy the End.

Blessed Be.

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  1. Wow. I began to feel this most intensely around Febuarary of this year, however. I am in “the void” but they doors of the future are unlocked and now I am unafraid to pass through them.But it is with care that I do not travel to fast, but observe the stillness as I move forward.

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