Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse – Not Perfect

Stormy Beach Virgo Moon

This month the New Moon peaks in Virgo accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, at 2:03 am on September 1st PDT. The Solar Eclipse will be visible from Africa and the West Coast of Australia, but the energetic effects are already making waves. We’ve just landed in Mercury retrograde, this time through Virgo. Venus has left Virgo and moved on into Libra, and Jupiter is about to follow suit. It’s time to review our ideas of perfection and adjust for a more human approach.

Mercury Retrograde through Virgo sent everyone talking in circles on August 30th, and the convoluted discussion will continue until Sept 21st. We’re discussing the facts of last year, what worked, what happened and which rules still apply. We want to put the finishing touches on things, but rushing forward now leaves our lives tied up in knots, rather than the pretty bow we are hoping for. We are reviewing our priorities with an eye for closure. What does perfection really mean? Who’s idea of perfection are we subscribing to? What rules are actually important for us? What perspectives do we need to explore? How can we embrace the endings on our doorstep?

This whole past year Jupiter in Virgo has driven us to pursue perfection and aligned us physical manifestation. What we needed to start the next big plan dropped in our lap as soon as we could articulate it, if not before. The more we stuck to our ideals and focused on facts, the more solid our plans and goals became. Jupiter moves into Libra on September 9th, inviting us into a different growth pattern. The fresh air of cooperation and the release of the need to know immediately gives us room to consider options before opportunity comes barreling down our door. This is the part where we work together. Harmony and diplomacy take center stage. Perfection, facts and rules are no longer the ticket to expansion; generosity, compassion and collaborative thinking keep us moving forward. This next year asks us to find a way that takes care of everyone.

The Solar Eclipse and Virgo New Moon offers us an ego check and a moment to reflect before the next round of directional shifts kicks in full force.  The double whammy of stepping back from our stories and examining our ideas of perfection puts our real world goals in alignment with our true self. The Solar Eclipse has us staring our ego right in the eye. How we react when confronted with the selfish, individualistic, risk averse, attention seeking part of ourselves will set the stage for the next iteration. We need to acknowledge just how often the ego has been in charge, and how many rules and ‘needs’ we’ve developed to satisfy those demands. Letting go of this false sense of self is not easy, but if we don’t let go, our ego is going to run us right into the ground.

The tension in the air is electric. Somethings gotta give. We’re hoping the next round of big change makes life easier, better, gentler, but the inner critic is at her finest right now and communications are trickier than usual. Physical manifestations of our worst fears are easy to find, but if we look closely there’s a gift in disguise. This is the moment to rise above our fear. We are already greater than we thought we could be someday. Let go of ‘should’, hold your self and your life with tender compassion, and let go. Let the Solar Eclipse put your ego in check, give Virgo the power to make your goals true to you, and pave the way for Jupiter in Libra to heal your heart.

It’s Already Perfect.

Blessed Be.

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