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This month the Full Moon shines in Aquarius, accompanied by a near Lunar Eclipse at 2:26 am on Thursday August, 18th PDT. The Eclipse is considered a penumbral eclipse by some because the shadow of the Earth just touches the Moon, but the Earth’s shadow will not actually cross the face of the Moon. The energetic influence still packs a wallop. Mars recently moved into Sagittarius after a long Scorpio transit and Sagittarius Saturn has turned direct after months of retrograde. We’re down to the nitty gritty of exactly what it takes to sustain the life we’ve built. The next line of experiences will push us to question the comfortable and unpleasant norms we’ve accepted and shift towards leaner, flexible, heart centered living.

The Full Moon in Aquarius spotlights things we signed up for, that are not sustainable. The difference between what we want and what we can do is painfully obvious under this Moon. Aquarius is not concerned with should and could; it knows what is real. The reality may not be pretty, but if we admit that, we can change it. Growth eventually plateaus, interest wanes, directions and goals shift. Life Happens. It’s time to prepare for change, without clinging to a safety blanket like a child’s heart overwhelmed by the adult hormones of puberty. First, we admit what our safety blankets are; negative self perception allowing us to avoid others; the dead end job that pays just enough; super cheap rent in an emotionally draining situation; co-dependent relationships; the ego of responsibility. Second, we notice the cost of this ‘security’. How long can we avoid that uncomfortable conversation, ignore or stifle our needs just to ‘get by’ or to serve others. We don’t have to bury our security blanket in the yard and have a funeral for our lost innocence, but we need some practical support if we’re going out in our first mini skirt. It’s time to dig into the heart of our comfort zone and be honest about whether it’s healthy. The emerging Self need attention. If you’re going out in that first mini skirt, you need a pair of shorts in your purse more than you need your favorite stuffed animal. Focus on the journey and cover your buns. Easy access to practical security. Explore alternatives to the same thing you’ve always done, lean out your budget, say no to misery, say yes to health, find small places to test drive the new you.

The near Lunar Eclipse scrapes our perception of available resources down to the bone. Sitting on top of the Full Moon in Aquarius this Lunar Eclipse brings a survivalist tack to our need for change. We can’t ignore the need for change but if we rush blindly forward we wind up cold and hungry. Unsustainable practices are breaking our hearts and wreaking havoc on our bodies. The challenge of the Eclipse is to explore scenarios of doing without. We don’t have to let go completely, try letting go a little and see if we go running back to comfort right away or not. Notice how often the comfort zone panders to the needs of the ego, external validation, self image, facades. Explore extremes of what life would be like if we cut out certain aspects of emotional or physical luxury. Let go of the comforts that keep you locked in to unhealthy patterns little by little.

Mars in Sagittarius to the rescue! Wild horses are bucking and kicking in our hearts to get out try things. The Unknown isn’t as risky right now and we rebound and redirect faster than usual when we find ourselves someplace unbecoming. Saturn in Sagittarius has now turned direct after a 5 month retrograde. If we sign up for the fast, hard ride those wild horses will take us where we want to go. The trick is not to let the horses drive us out of fear. When we spring from a center of Love, we’re All In trusting and saying Yes to the unmarked new road. If we’re running afraid for our lives, we’re liable to run right into a new iteration of the same old situation. Sagittarius is a master of finding something new and wonderful everywhere, and of reiterating old problems with a new face. Overly positive thinking can get us into trouble. Double check optimism against the hard learned lesson we’ve already experienced.

Luckily the Full Moon in Aquarius and near Lunar Eclipse are grounded firmly in Reality with a capital you-cannot-ignore-this-anymore R. These stars are primed for serious change. Major change. Life course altering Change. The only way out is through and the only way through is the heart. Listen Deep. Feel it all. Let your Fears remind you of what is not working anymore and find ways to let it go. Revamp the unhealthy parts of your life into a more sustainable version of themselves. Let go of comforts that feed your fears and negative self talk. Let your heart feel the call of the winds of change, get up in the saddle and run with your dreams.

Run With Change!

Blessed Be.

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