Full Moon in Capricorn – Show Me Change

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This month the Full Moon shines in Capricorn. Exact at 3:56 pm PST on Tuesday July 19th (10:56 pm GMT). Capricorn is the sensual beginning of the zodiac, the Cardinal Earth sign, the bedrock, the embryo, the tangible seeds of change. Capricorn is a show me sign, and the Full Moon in a show me time. We’re living into the internal changes we made earlier this month with the loving rebirth of the Cancerian New Moon. Coupled with Mercury and Venus now in Leo the desire to display and communicate our changes heightens. The stage is set and the action is about to begin!

Capricorn Full Moon shines her light on big changes we need to make. Some major changes are obvious; moving home, changing jobs, leaving a relationship, cutting out sugar, regular workout practice, committing to a spiritual Path. Other changes are subtle in nature, but the effects tendril out into every corner of life; pulling a daily tarot card, meditating when you can, calling old friends, being compassionate with relatives, cooking at home more, planting a garden, spending more time doing things you really want to, rather than things you feel you should. These nebulous or gentle changes are just as impactful, especially over time. Capricorn Full Moon shows us how to make the most positive change for the least amount of effort. Capricorn at it’s finest is fairly go with the flow, but they do have a destination.

If you catch yourself getting hung up on random details, Capricorn at it’s worst, reach out into Venus in Leo. Venus in Leo amplifies our desires so much that the big picture barely seems to fit them. Venus in Leo doesn’t even notice if each detail is exactly right, as long as the desired effect is achieved. Notice the motivation behind the action. What end result are we going for? Does all the action get us where we really want to go? If you find yourself hung up on details, dig into the deeper significance. What does that detail really means to you? Investigate the attachment to that particular piece of the moving puzzle, see if it’s actually in alignment with the overall of what you want to become.

Not sure what you really want to see in the big picture? That’s easy. Just talk about it! Mercury in Leo aligns with Venus to put our hearts on our tongues. Artistic and creative expressions fuel the Spirit and feed us energetically. Art is one of the easiest ways to get inspired and dig deeper into emotional connections and attachments. Writing, painting, mixed media, performance art, music; every medium is an invitation to awareness, a reflection on the state of things, an open door to discussion. Talk about change; past, present and future. We did not get to this point in a vacuum. We did things, we tried things, we learned, we grew, we chose.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a celebration of change. Change at the fundamental level. Change to the basic premise of who we are. Change that makes waves through our life and love, that grows our hearts and pushes our edges. Use the inspiration of Mercury in Leo, soak in the art, be dramatic in your expression. Allow Venus in Leo to guide the big picture into larger than life inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t have to be practical. Inspiration is compelling. Whatever you are trying to become, try it now. Take the first step. Take a giant leap! Don’t worry about how it will all turn out. Just do what is right for you. Do it Now.

Change For Real.

Blessed Be.

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