Full Moon and Summer Solstice – As It Is

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This month is the second Full Moon in Sagittarius this year, exact on Summer Solstice, June 20th at 4:02 am PDT (11:02 am GMT). Every year one of the signs gets two Full Moons, back to back, creating a double wave of change in that area of life. This year that sign is Sagittarius, the wanderer, the wild longing of exploration, the experiential philosopher, the open road. This year the Full Moon also coincides exactly with Summer Solstice, a once in 30 years event. Sagittarius has us longing for the next leg of the journey, and Summer Solstice invites a celebration of what we’ve already achieved. This is an apex moment of transition. Big changes have happened. Big changes are coming. Big changes deserve acknowledgment. The next round of intention setting is even more powerful when we celebrate the beauty we’ve already cultivated.

The door to the next chapter hangs open a crack, light spills out around the edges, through the keyhole, and our heart beckons to fling wide the awakening possibility. Wait. For just a moment. Before we rush in, let’s enjoy the threshold, the magic of knowing there’s something awesome around the corner. It will be there tomorrow. The next adventure is an opportunity, but it’s more work too. We’ve already been working hard this year! We’ve reached a cruising altitude for a moment, why not put the plane on autopilot and let the captain and crew have a much needed morale booster.

The second Sagittarius Full Moon shows us where we’ve changed. We’ve done some deep heart digging in the last month, and we’ve come up with some golden nuggets of personal wisdom and empowerment. We know ourselves just a little bit better than we did last month on the Sagittarius Full Moon. We’ve made internal changes that seemed impossible a month ago. The Summer Solstice is a celebration of what we have worked hard for. Those pieces of self knowledge took serious effort, self examination, showing up for the hard work of being honest with ourselves. What have you learned about yourself in the last month? How did you rise to the challenge of becoming who you want to be? Who are you now?

Awesome! Let’s celebrate! Celebrate the eternal questions. Celebrate the hard won answers. Celebrate the hard work for the sake of it. Celebrate the fruits of our labor. Let’s count our blessings together, make a fire, burn away our worries and enjoy the longest day. Have some food and indulge with friends, or sit by yourself in the woods and daydream. The first half of this year has been a wild ride, through the long winter, the rough transition of early spring, the quickening pace as the days lengthen. We’re between points of major transition. Stop moving and doing for a moment. Smell the roses. This life is pretty sweet. Even when the Path is hard and confusing, we’ve got it pretty good; internet, blankets, water, cats, friends, family, rivers, trees. Full Moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice is the perfect moment to step back from the cliffhanger ending, the longing to know what happens next and celebrate life As It Is. Don’t worry about what’s over the next hill, sit down and honor the majesty of this forest of trees right here. Connect to the moment. Enjoy the epilogue. Savor every last bite. Life is Awesome.

Celebrate Life!

Blessed Be.

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Special Solstice Full Moon Podcast – Monday June 20th @ 7pm


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