New Moon in Gemini – Balancing Chaos

Balance Breakdance Moon Gemini

This month the New Moon peaks in Gemini, refreshing our brains with ideas and info; profound and mundane. The New Moon is exact on Saturday June 4th at 8:00 pm PDT (3:00 am June 5th GMT). We’ve made it past some of the retrograde action, so things are moving forward again, but it’s not exactly smooth and steady. The trick under this Gemini Moon is to figure out what you want. Gemini presents us with interesting new perspectives. Options can be exciting to explore, but at some point we are perpetuating chaos, and it can be addicting. We get used to sitting on the fence, swirling in our reactions and intentions, and the state of flux becomes our ‘normal’. How do we sort out what’s right for us?  

This Moon rides in with a few challenging aspects as back up. The way forward is not just a confusion of the mind and heart, but complicated action in the moment as well. Mars and Saturn are still rolling retrograde, which means working harder or forcing through will NOT get you what you want. Life is moving forward in giant leaps followed by dead spots, the flow comes through in fits and starts. Major breakthrough and blessings come on the heels of a complete standstill. Committing to a course of action is scary, because we know it’s not a sure bet. We don’t want to hurt others, but we need to do something different. How do we manifest and move forward under these stars?

The answer to both what we want and how to get it shines in the magic of the New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon shows both sides of any action, thought or relationship. Look for the duality. Figure out what is holding you back from the your YES and explore the opposite response to your situation. Considering a change? Not ready to take the plunge? Explore the results of changing in the complete opposite direction. Thinking about working for yourself? Imagine if you were deeply committed to working for a corporation, weigh the pros and cons seriously. Feeling the pull to move in with your lover? What if you moved in with your family of origin instead, and all the safety and challenges that would offer. Compare. See what you feel when the extremes are presented. The opposite of change is not staying the same. Everything is changing all the time, even if we can’t see it. When major change is on the table, something is ready to shift. Exploring change in extremely different directions is the clarifying magic of the Gemini Moon. 

The month of June is an important time to try things out. This is not a gentle Sagittarian exploration and evolution, following the natural course, detached from outcomes, playing with ideas. This is Gemini exploration. We have to put ourselves in it, for REAL. Put our hearts on the line, really look at the numbers. We have to get 100% behind whatever idea we’re exploring to know if it will work at all. This is ‘what if we start tomorrow’ exploration. What would we do first? The Gemini practice that is so difficult for many us, is that once we are all in, if it’s not working out, we need to be able to completely shift directions. We need to be able to pull a full 180° turn about to look our fear in the face. Most of us are not used this kind of commitment to exploration. It feels like our heart is on a yoyo. But to Gemini, it’s just another day in the life. Things change, and so must we. Gemini New Moon is the ultimate devils advocate, but she’s putting those ideas out there so we can find our Truth. The beauty of this time is that there is no bottoming out. We can be all in, and as long as we stay open to complete change, she will keep our lives and our Spirits afloat with a hefty dose of humor, love and good old fashioned trial and error. It’s only a failure if you don’t get back up and keep trying.

Commit to Exploration!

Blessed Be.

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Join us live Monday night June 6th at 7pm for Living By The Moon – Balancing Chaos
Special guest speaker and Gemini lover: Tressa Bundren.
Sharing her experiences healing the corporate model, running a business,
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