Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Road Less Taken

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This month the Full Moon peaks in Sagittarius, exact at 2:14pm PDT (9:14pm GMT) on Saturday May 21st. Mercury goes direct the next day, building the passion of exploration until a post Full Moon epic release. Mars and Saturn are both mid retrograde in Sagittarius and Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. Excitement builds and liberation comes in a rush, but we can’t shake the need to double check, to give the plan a good long look, before we leap.

The Future can’t even hold our gaze until after we investigate the past. Mars and Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius sheds a different light on the road we’ve taken. Mars retrograde questions the actions we took to get outside our comfort zone; the things we fought for. Saturn retrograde shows where we pushed our discipline to further personal growth; what we martyred in the name of exploration. Retrogrades are important times for reflection, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius will heighten these two planetary regressions. What we’re exploring is our relationship to risk. Sagittarius pushes the edges, investigates the weird, enters the cave of wonders hoping only for knowledge and maybe a good story. Risk and trust are connected. When we take a risk we practice Trust. When we work hard for something we also practice Trust. Have past gambles paid off? Was all that hard work really worth it?

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn has been dragging along for about a month now, muddling up predictable endings, throwing drastic change curve balls from outer space. It’s also making room for us to process the pain we’ve stuffed down, to grieve significant losses, especially tangible ones. Mercury goes direct the day after the peak of the Full Moon, communicating the effects of old wounds in very real terms. How is our past pain affecting us now? What fears grew out of those wounds? What did we do to keep moving through the crippling agony of heartbreak and ruin? Do we still need those behaviors? It’s time to rip off the band aid and let change happen. We’re still surprised by the how of what’s coming next, but if we do our heart work, we can at least see the why.

Full Moon in Sagittarius brings us to the next evolution. The natural progression may not be what we were expecting, especially with the ultimate Pluto retrograde twist ending. The next stage may be bigger and bolder than we imagined or just a lot easier than we thought. Full Moon in Sagittarius has brought the ultimate leap of faith to our doorstep. We are standing on the precipice of personal transformation. What is calling our Spirit home? What ego and persona are we willing to sacrifice at the altar of our dreams? Mars and Saturn retrograde reminds us of those hard lessons learned, so we’re not repeating patterns. Let go of the happily ever after, check for the red flags of repeated trauma, and get ready to jump! This Full Moon in Sagittarius is the ultimate opportunity to become ourselves more truly and fully than ever before. Look before you leap, love the past for what it is and was, and jump with your heart and mind open into the next chapter of your life!

Love. Release. Evolve.

Blessed Be.

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