New Moon in Taurus – The Home Stretch

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This month the New Moon peaks in Taurus, exact at 12:29 in the afternoon on Friday May 6th PDT, 7:29 pm GMT. The Taurus New Moon is towing along a host of retrograde planets. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde right now. Inner and outer planets moving backwards means mixed messages in both daily interactions and major life moves. Taurus adds a depth of gravity to every bump, bend and gust of change. A passing breeze or a papercut feels like it could overhaul our lives at any moment.

Changes and challenges during the Taurus New Moon highlight how our values have evolved. Old coping mechanisms won’t get us through this, because the goal is new. We have try a different tactic. We invest time, money and love. We tap into reserves of energy we didn’t think we had. We ask questions we’ve never asked before. Just before we pull a Taurus maneuver, rolling up our sleeves and working super hard on everything all at once, temptation pulls us back towards old patterns. Do we need to fall flat one more time to be sure the old way isn’t going to work? It’s ok to try and fail. It’s ok to flounder around a bit as you figure out what actually works. It’s hard to trust your vision when the internal and external signals strong and varied. Look for the common vein of Truth. We have to trust ourselves to sort the Truth from the fear and find what feeds our Spirit.

Here’s the deal: If you can’t trust yourself, you can easily pass over opportunities that would make your Spirit soar because self deprecating thoughts and behavior get in the way. I’m not saying you have to do everything right, I’m not even saying you’ll succeed. The point is to try. To get out there and do something, even something small, that gets you closer to the person you truly are and the life you want to live. You are strong enough to do it. Even if everything goes sideways, you’ll figure it out. Even if you are having the worst day ever, you can be someone’s hero, especially if that someone is yourself. Investing in yourself doesn’t just mean eating right and getting 8 hours of sleep, although that’s a fabulous start. It means noticing and allowing your feelings. It means doing what’s right for you even if it makes someone else’s life more difficult. We have to take time for ourselves and take care of our Spirit.

Being in service all the time drains our personal power. We have to find a balance, a natural give and take. Giving is easy. We’re conditioned to be generous, to value the lives and health of others. Receiving is hard at first. Self imposed guilt tells us gratitude is not enough. But it is. We have to be open, accept the gifts given to us and say yes to situations that support us. Refusing a gift when we need and want it is a form of self sabotage and a lack of self worth. Declining a situation that would be good for us because someone else needs us keeps us circling the drain. At some point is it our turn. That point is now. We can help others more if we take care or ourselves first. Fighting on alone when we need or want help robs friendships of balance and diminishes trust. If you ask and they can’t give, that’s ok, they still feel good that you trust them enough to ask.

The Taurus New Moon reminds us to receive with gratitude and Trust in our dreams. Retrograde motion for so many planets at once accentuates the need for compassion and patience, extra time for communication and review of ideas takes the pressure off and gives us a more grounded perspective. Rushing ahead puts us in an unsustainable position; slow down, practice Patience, enjoy the scenery! Forcing ourselves and others to do things wears our Trust thin; Compassion for what we can and can’t do eases tension. Resisting the true nature of our situation and the opportunities it presents is sabotaging our future, accepting where we are and what we can do next is the first step towards sustainable change. Stay the course, we’re almost there. The vision is solid, the dream can be made real, all we have to do is keep taking steps towards the life we want to live and stay true to the being we really are.

Receive, Trust and Grow Slow.

Blessed Be.

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