Full Moon in Scorpio


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This month the Full Moon shines in Scorpio, exact on Thursday April 21st at 10:24 pm PDT, 7:24 am GMT April 22nd. Mars and Pluto both turned retrograde just days ago adding depth to the already immense reflective waters of Scorpio. The deep seas of emotion and uncertainty are less mysterious than we fear, if we just slow down and allow the unknown.

The Full Moon in Scorpio heightens our mystical senses.  The romanticism of wild mystery grips our senses, our emotional Truth, shimmering in the moonlight. The waters of deep Scorpio reflect our heart center back with imperfection. We see what we want to see. Fantasy and reality merge under this Moon, but that’s one of the keys to manifestation. Scorpio is a manifestation master, because she respects the power of hidden things. The complex nature of what is building is sometimes best kept under wraps; for inspirational sproutlings, harsh winds of criticism and logic can destroy fresh growth. Full Moon light is the perfect reflective space to encourage growth through the doubting first steps. What if all the what ifs don’t matter?

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn doesn’t want to set the practical doubt down. The cycles of change are real. All things come to an end. Failure happens every day; abandonment, rejection, broken agreements, writers block, car trouble, flooded spaces, evictions, cancellations, divorce, injury, illness, recession, financial debt, karmic debt, societal debt, bankruptcy, burnout, exhaustion. Before we can even start caring for the seedlings, we have to stop trying to fix and resist the endings and allow them to happen. Pouring our energy into fixing or saving things that have come to their natural end is a waste of time and energy. Patience heals all wounds, not time. And the first step towards patience is acceptance. Not just being ok with things as they are; for now. Really, truly, if this is what life is, for the rest of this short lifespan, being ok with it. The first step to healing is to stop pushing for a reality that isn’t. Once we come back to where we actually are, we can work on healthy change, but we have to accept what is.

Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is here to help us stop forcing. Rushing ahead into things, forcing our way through, fighting to the death (ours or someone else’s), gets us nowhere. Really. ‘Progress’ from forcing combative energy doesn’t last, and is probably actually taking you farther away from what you want in the long run. It may serve a purpose. Fighting for what you believe in is important, but we have to examine the strategy. If the strategy is win at all costs, it’s not going to work. Mars retrograde slows our roll, giving us time to look carefully before we leap.

Full Scorpio Moon shining on our hearts gives us a lot to take in before that leap of faith. New possibilities arise from accepting what actually is. Drop all of our story and drama about who we are and what everyone else thinks. Actually, I have shelter, food, water, luckily enough, even a water filter, cuz sometimes the water is a little gross. There are people who love me. There are people who love you. You even love you sometimes. What if that were all the time? Even when you’re acting like a brat? Can you love your inner brat? Can you love your inner child? Is she wild? Is she kind? Is she lonely? Is that ok? It is ok. It’s going to be ok. Let’s start with right now. What’s happening right now is ok. All of it. The beauty and the sadness, the facts and the wild unknown. Change will come, but first we have to learn to love the right now.

Acceptance and Patience.

Love Right Now.

Blessed Be.

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Need More Inspiration?

Listen to the Full Moon MUSE Broadcast tonight April 21st at 7pm.


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