New Moon in Aries – Fire Monkey Back Draft

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This month the New Moon shines in Aries, exact at 4:24 am on Thursday April 7th Pacific Time.  The inspirational spark of the zodiac is pushing for instant reconfiguration. The changes and the healing we acknowledged under the Pisces ending cycle last month made room for new growth.  Aries New Moon has made exploration a requirement. Saturn is retrograde bringing practical matters to the forefront. Venus transits into Aries joining the Sun and Moon, and Mercury has just moved on into Taurus. These transits in concert create a drive for change, but before we charge forward we need to back track to a solid vantage point and make moves that are sustainable long term.

Aries is not our source for long term momentum. Aries is an inspiration magnet. Aries sees possibilities and jumps in to try things. We’re two months into the Year of the Fire Monkey and those ancient Chinese motifs are showing up; cleverness, wit, innovation, movement, joviality, trickster. Aries New Moon amplifies and reflects those qualities inward. The quick change artist has come to call, and this month she shines. This New Moon opens our eyes to explore more possibilities. We’ve let go of some deeply held core beliefs and been working hard on healing for the past month. Grieving the losses of futures that will never be, of ideas that no longer serve us, of loves that have grown stagnant or toxic. Creating space. Aries New Moon shifts our focus from the fertile decay in the soil to the buds on the branches. Anything is possible.

Anything is possible, but not everything. Saturn turned retrograde on March 25th, which pushed our work overload button. Hard work is not enough under these stars, and don’t we know it. We cannot force our way forward with dedication. Saturn Retrograde pushes pause long enough for us to step back and make sure all the hard work is worth it.  Hard work for the sake of hard work is important during some phases of life, but gosh isn’t it nice when we wind up somewhere new and exciting as a result? Before we charge down any of the exciting new directions offered up by the Aries New Moon we need to sit with Saturn Retrograde and look hard at what each direction requires as input. How much money, time and effort will it take, and will that put you in a better position for continued growth? How will each path impact your sleep cycle, your routines, your happiness, your wellness, your Spiritual body? What is your focus now? What are you working on personally? What does your intuition say? Which direction feels right?

Mercury in Taurus shifts our communications to the practical. These questions are big. Bigger than big. The possibilities we’re weighing will change things, no matter what. Even the Path of non-action brings change. Just opening the door to ask the question changes things. Working things out by sharing ideas and strategies is paramount. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. The answers may surprise you. Venus has moved into Aries to compliment this practical communication by centering our hearts on inspiration. The excitement of this moment is romantic. Exploration and possibility are invigorating! Venus in Aries keeps our desire in alignment with action towards a new direction. Taurus Mercury has the power to talk us out of doing anything at all, because it’s not safe or practical. Doing nothing is not really an option with Aries Venus in our hearts. We must do something new and different; every shift in perspective towards the Path we’re on changes the outcome.

This New Moon in Aries is our moment to set down our heavy load and look to the horizon. There’s light coming from beyond that hill, and it’s time to go see what lies beyond our comfort zone. There’s still hard work on the road ahead, and more adjustments will come with time, but this is not a moment for forcing or rushing. It’s also not about resisting; just quietly step back and notice what options are available now.  Let the magic happen. Open your heart, open your eyes and explore. Feast your heart on the possibilities life has to offer and don’t be afraid to take a step backwards in order to move forward at a more reasonable pace.

Anything is Possible.

Blessed Be.



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