Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Sailboat Moon Gradual

This month the Full Moon shines in Libra, exact at 5:01 am PDT on Wednesday March 23rd, 12:01 pm GMT. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse couples this Full Moon. The eclipse is visible from the Americas, the Pacific, and most of Asia. During penumbral eclipses the Moon passes through part of Earths Shadow, rather than the Earth directly blocking the Sun, so the visible change is often slight. The energetic effect of this Lunar Eclipse packs a wallop, though. This Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse marks the end of the eclipse corridor that began two weeks ago with the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse.

For two weeks now, we’ve been cleaning house, letting go of cycles and systems that are not sustainable. Situations that drain our energy have come to a head. We can not keep doing these things. With more conscious effort we notice these areas of life before it becomes a mental or physical health crisis, and choose to let go, rather than reaching a point of system failure. Even that choice is difficult. Attachment, routine and belief has grown up around these systems, keeping us locked into patterns of awareness, interaction and reaction. We can not do this anymore. Forcing, rushing, egoic ambition; lusting after change at any cost is not an option. It’s hard to let go, but we have to change. We grieve for the old way, the old dream, the old Self.

Letting go of so much all at once induces a feeling of freefall. The openness of possibility is both exciting and terrifying. Here, in the tumbling darkness, on the heels of Spring Equinox, a new perspective of balance comes to catch us. The Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse awakens our hearts. In the void of all things possible, the threads of love and inspiration glow like beacons, and begin to weave a net. The freefall slows to a gentle drift. The eclipse catches us safe in the moonlight, on the ground, at square one, the trees watching over us. Finally, after the long dark walk, releasing, redefining with death at our side, we can see the stars. The map, the guideposts of intention, the constellations of connection, intimacy and love return refreshed. With a new perspective of what is right for us the Path becomes clear. The how relaxes into the easy way, and the doing becomes effortless, because the decision has been made. No forcing, no rushing, no resisting. The eclipse has realigned our perspective with the needs of heart.

Allow Love.

Blessed Be.


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