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This month the Full Moon shine in Virgo, the rock, the purist, the transitional physical of the zodiac. The Full Moon is exact at 10:20am PST (5:20pm GMT) on Monday February 22nd. The Virgo Full Moon brings us into a cycle of completion. We can feel the new growth coming as the grasses turn greener and the days get longer. Nurturing those seeds requires us to let go of old ways and be ready to step into the new. You can’t take it all with you every step of the way. This time calls us to look at the physical, the objects, the money, the body. What are you ready to release into the wild of your memory as a past you?

We’re going in for another taste. We have to sample the old way one more time so we can feel it, heal it and let it go. We’re coming back around the spiral for a view of our patterns from a slightly different vantage point. Before we can move on we’ve got to test drive the old ride one last time. A nostalgia run. Virgo Full Moon highlights the areas of our life where we cannot keep doing the same things. Self care is critical during transitions. If one more time around again feels icky, go get the healing you need. If one more time feels like a sweet farewell, then you are ready to let it go. Start down the new track, with your whole heart in hand. Be vulnerable, but don’t impale yourself on the sword of good intentions, self sacrifice or perfection.

Embrace the change. Notice how you feel and why. Notice the parts of your life and your heart that have grown. Start making room for the things and activities that actually feed your Spirit and foster your good health. It’s ok to change your mind, it’s ok to change your heart, it’s ok to do things differently. Virgo Full Moon can be a giant sign of relief that you don’t have to keep doing what you were doing, and you most definitely don’t have to feel the same way about it. Let your heart evolve, honor the change, and change your life to foster health.

Let Go and Grow!

Blessed Be.


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