Leo Full Moon and Venus in Capricorn

Leo Nebula Orion

This month the Full Moon shines in Leo, exact on Saturday Jan 23rd at 5:46pm PST (12:46am Jan 24th GMT). The Leo Full Moon ignites our passion and creative drive, shining a spot light on the grandest boldest version of ourselves. Our hearts and routines go on display under this Moon. We crave inspiration, expression and acknowledgement. We need to see our vision and dreams come to life as our hearts open wide with generosity to those who help us hold the torch high.

Venus moves into Capricorn the same day as the Leo Full Moon, shifting the view of our desires and romantic notions towards the big picture. Good health, practical planning and sensual play build our relationships. Meaningful daily interactions are key. Little shifts we make now manifest a significant impact over time. One less cup of coffee, extending a hug for a moment, eye contact with a greeting, stashing $10 dollars a week, a kiss before you rush out the door. Capricorn in Venus reminds us to make room in the the routine for Love. Love and desire are key to happiness, but easy enough to forget when we start down the path of major life plans. Getting financial ducks in a row encourages stability and good health keeps us in good spirits, but love lights the way.

Leo Moon and Capricorn Venus highlight different strategies for cultivating love. Leo Full Moon inspires grand gestures and Capricorn Venus reminds us that it’s the little things that really count. No matter how epic the end result is, the doing must feel good, else the appreciation and acknowledgement we are trying to convey gets lost in the discontent of the moment. A well timed small gesture can be more meaningful than an over the top display. Make sure you’re doing what the other person will appreciate, not what you like to receive. If you need to receive, the Leo Full Moon is the perfect time to give to yourself. Do you, baby, and do it Big.

Mercury goes direct two days after the Full Moon on Jan 25th, setting our communications house back on track. As we delve into the details of creating space for love our expressions naturally turn into actions. How we understand that we are loved and how we communicate our needs in relationship are paramount to building a life that supports heart centered interaction.Use the inspiration of the Leo Full Moon to show love in the biggest way, and the little changes inspired by Capricorn in Venus will come naturally. By the time we get to Mercury direct two days later love will be bubbling up in our everyday language without even trying.

Express Love!

Blessed Be.

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