New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury Retrograde

2016 Dreams


This month the New Moon shines in Capricorn, exact on Saturday Jan 9th at 5:30pm PST (12:30am Jan 10th GMT). Capricorn is the bedrock of the zodiac, the tectonic plates of the Spirit. The biggest, sensual, beautiful beginning is illuminated in our hearts right now. Mercury is turning retrograde, heading back through Capricorn for the next three weeks, giving us a chance to look back over the plans and dreams that got us to this point. This year as we design our dreams, we start by learning from our past.

Mercury Retrograde can be a trying time; miscommunication, delays, technological backfires and detours. One of the challenges of this time is to move slowly, with patient intention. Knowing where we’re going means allowing the road to get there to be fluid. Giving ourselves extra time for movement and negotiations is helpful during this phase. Mercury Retrograde brings blessings along with these systemic inconveniences. These stars support deep thorough review of our lives, detaching events from story, realigning our goals and dreams as we learn from the evolution of our interpretations. Mercury Retrograde through Capricorn brings us a reality check for major decisions that are in the works. Practical, in the moment, needs being met is the medicine of Capricorn. Honoring the places that we didn’t follow through with our goals for earning, self care and health. Remembering times when we took on too much and lost sight of our joy, our dreams. Acknowledging that we judge our selves and our reality harshly sometimes, not allowing the beauty of life to guide our noticing. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn offers us the chance to put old wounds in a new light, to find the beauty in our imperfections and to bring a dose of practical wisdom to our dreams.

New Moon in Capricorn keeps us open to what is coming next. Mercury Retrograde has us looking back, reworking ideas and rehashing agreements; but the New Moon gives all that past work a focus. We’re designing the next chapter of our destiny. Opening our hearts to whatever dreams come into fruition is a practice in vulnerability, but reviewing past divergences and misalignment gives us a wealth of knowledge. From here we can chose a way forward that really makes us happy. It may be hard to admit the Truth of happiness; the design itself may need some tweaking; but we won’t know if we don’t take the time to listen deeply to the dreams in our hearts. Look back on your life and inspire your dreams to spring forth. Give your highest goals the gift of developmental experience. Every action and thought is a building block.  What are you dancing into reality on the spiral path?

Evolution Is Knowledge.

Design Your Destiny.

Blessed Be.



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