Merry Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer

Solstice Cancer Heart Moon Phases

This month the Full Moon shines in Cancer, the tough shelled warm heart of the zodiac. The Full Moon is exact on Friday, December 25th at 3:11am PST (11:11am GMT). Winter Solstice is four days before the Full Moon; December 21st is the longest night of 2015. The Sun moves into Capricorn on the Solstice, and Uranus moves direct on the Full Moon. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 30th as well, opening our hearts for one last major shift at the end of December.

Winter Solstice invites reflection. In the darkness of the longest night we sit calmly beside our shadow self and witness our fears. Acknowledging our fears starts the releasing process. We have to love our being completely. Personality ego flaws are challenges to find new ways to express ourselves. Doubt is a call to put down perfectionism and allow ourselves to try and fail. If we admit our mistakes and keep trying, failure is fleeting. Addiction, shame, guilt and blame are surface reflections of fear as well. Underneath these lies fears of judgement, rejection and abandonment. We all want to be loved, but seeking love from places where we have to limit ourselves creates a cycle of resentment and abandonment. Notice the people who love you unabashedly, exactly as you are. Showing up for those relationships is good practice for committing to loving yourself.

The Sun moves into Capricorn on the Solstice, widening our gaze to the big picture. This boundless horizon is our balance point as we honor the internalized scary parts of our shadow. The other side of our shadow is the part that loves the mystery of life, the beautiful confusing dreams, the things that just feel right. These not quite formed bits of desire infuse our epic life plans as they form. The Capricorn Sun asks us to dream big. Bigger than big. If we let go of all the limiting beliefs and identities that our scared shadow has built we are left with the most intriguing possibilities. With our hearts and minds open we plant the seeds of a new life. We find new uses for the parts of our Spirit that are beautifully developed. What do you want to build? Find new ways to wield your strengths. Look for support in the world around you. Find the places that ground you and go there. Share your dream. Share your perfect imperfect Self. See who else is inspired! You are not alone. We are becoming wonderful together.

Full Moon in Cancer just a few days later brings us a dose of safety. After an intense push towards growth we need a little time in our comfort zone. Give yourself time to regenerate under this Full Moon. Allow life to take you where you gravitate naturally. Do your best not to judge your Path, even with patterns you’re trying to break. Noticing the comfort zone is the first step to realizing whether it replenishes your Spirit or is just a comfortable source of pain. Comfort zones are not always physical. Comfort zones are things that are easy for us to do, they can be routines or activities we do without thinking, comfort foods, familiar locations, people we reach out to first, things we talk about without meaning to. Sometimes we need easy. Shifting what is easy when it has become unhealthy takes time and practice. If what comes easy isn’t really good for your heart, this Full Moon in Cancer will show you the way to change without killing yourself in the process.

Uranus goes direct in Aries on the Full Moon after several months of retrograde. Uranus direct pushes our innovation button. We’ve put some of our wild schemes on the back burner, and those ideas are about to come flying back to the front at a boil, ready for the next ingredients. But wait! There’s more… at the end of this month when Venus moves into Sagittarius, desire and romance sparks our sense of adventure. With these two planets moving in fiery new directions we are open to experimentation. Our expressions of Love are ready to evolve and our unique vantage point is opening new possibilities. Solstice takes us deep into our shadow self to work through fears and wounds then blows our dreams out to the grandest scale possible. The Cancer Full Moon shows us how to align our comfort zone for healing. As we find our feet with a new sense of Self at the end of 2015 we spark a Love revolution. Love yourself. Love your Spirit. Create a Loving World.

Inspire New Love.

Blessed Be.


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