New Moon in Sagittarius

sagittarius northern lights med

This month the New Moon peaks in Sagittarius, exact at 2:29am on Friday December 11th (9:29am GMT).  Sagittarius pushes the edges of transformation and expression. Sagittarius inspires us to search far and wide to understand our motivations, to spread our wings and fly towards the heart of our passions, to grow into the next evolution of our creative will. Mercury moved into Capricorn on Dec. 9th shifting our communications to talk about the foundation of things.

The Sagittarius New Moon opens our minds and our hearts to what we can become. We want to grow and change. We want to be the next version of ourselves, but the only way to get to the next stage of our personal goals is through the fire of our awakening. It’s time to cauterize the wound. We have to grow past our festering swelling fears; that we are unlovable, that life is always hard, that our dreams are too big and unrealistic. First we have to open up, let our wounds breathe, make ourselves vulnerable by communicating our fears. Notice how old those wounds are, where they started. Honoring the beginning shows us where to start our healing process.

The medicine of Sagittarius is curiosity and humility. The will to know ourselves is the tool for this healing moment. Open your heart to your Truth and your Shadow, both the hard learned lessons and beautiful inspirations that make you who you are. Nurture your soul and your passion. Apply self love and creative expression liberally. Healing comes in stages and waves. At each wave as we find ourselves at a loss, searching again, we learn, we heal, we grow. Each time we get to that growth stage, a door opens, a horizon broadens, and a new possibility for who we can become manifests.

Possibility can be overwhelming unless we have the means to sort the dreams from the illusions. Here to our aid is Mercury in Capricorn giving our words the weight they need to communicate the very foundation of our being and facilitate practical discussion. Before we throw caution to the wind in the name of Truth and personal growth we need to talk about what’s under the hood. The next great adventure starts with talking about the things we need to get started and the things that don’t change. What type of person is always at your side? What routines do you come back to time and again? What do you need to sustain yourself? What nurtures the creatures you love? How do you create beauty in your life? If we can talk about the harsh realities of our hearts and our lives with curiosity, compassion and love, we sow the seeds of the person we want to become. Let yourself feel, talk about what you need, and grow into your next creative expression.

Heal, Love, Grow.

Blessed Be.


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