Full Moon in Gemini, Sagittarius Sun and Mercury

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This month the Full Moon shines in Gemini, exact at 2:44pm PST on Wednesday, November 25th (9:44pm GMT). The Sun and Mercury moved into Sagittarius in the last week, setting the stage for major decisions that support unique creative expression and life changing action. Mutable, evolutionary, transformational signs rule the skies right now. We’ve been preparing our lives for the next big thing, and now change is at our doorstep. As circumstances evolve so does our drive to understand our new situation and communicate the ideas that inspire us.

Gemini is the empowered decision maker of the zodiac, absorbing information like a sponge and squeezing out a cleansing froth of conclusions. This Full Moon gives us the initiative to make decisions that are right for our heart. The power of information, words and ideas is heightened, and we are hungry for communication and connection. Before we jump into the discussion we need to gather the facts we need to move forward. Each step we take towards our goals also closes a door behind us. This phase brings a sense of closure and progress, finally letting go of possibilities that we don’t need to entertain anymore. Use your mind to it’s fullest capacity. If we give our brain the data and resources it craves, we can make practical decisions that support our needs. This Moon brings information to us from a multitude of sources; books and articles, spiritual intuitive guidance, ideas through the grapevine, the conscious collective wisdom, creative inspiration, networking, expert opinions and social connections. Check your sources. If you don’t like one answer, be kind, be direct and go get another opinion. Still not sure? Go get another one. This Moon inspires us to investigate; gather facts and line them up as objectively as possible. Once we have the information we need the best course of action will be clear.

And we are hungry for action! The Sun and Mercury moving into Sagittarius has opened our hearts to a whole new level of experience, throwing caution to the wind and setting our sails for exploration. Our lives are infused with the Spirit of Change. Adventure is calling us to express ourselves, create and evolve. We are inspired by a new set of goals, and the first step out the gate is to experiment with new techniques and engage with people in a new way. Internal changes have already taken place that support this phase of change. We’ve burned away attachments that no longer serve us, and cauterized wounds that were festering. Now it’s time to turn that Sagittarius heat into a pressure cooker for exciting ideas and a welding torch to build connections, structures and routines that support expression and personal growth.

This kind of change is exciting, but not necessarily a surprise. This transformation has been incubating over the last few months and now we are seeing the external manifestations of our evolution. The facts are at our fingertips and the world is our oyster. The more information and ideas we collect, the more exciting and tangible the next phase of growth becomes. The trick is to know our limitations, and be brutally honest about about what we really want, and what we can and can’t do. All the inspiration in the world will lead to no action at all if we don’t acknowledge the facts of our situation. This Gemini Full Moon is the perfect moment to dream as big as possible and then put the facts in order and see if it makes sense or not. Sometimes once we look at things practically our dreams shift, and the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury will keep our hearts open as our dreams grow to suit our reality. It’s ok to change your mind, especially once the facts come in, and it’s ok to want something different than people expect. We can do Anything, but we can’t do Everything. What really inspires you? Explore possibility and be honest about who you are and what you want!

Investigate Adventure!

Blessed Be.


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