Scorpio New Moon, Libra Planetary Sandwich

scorpio underwater dive

The New Moon in Scorpio is exact on Wednesday November 11th at 9:47am PST (4:47pm GMT). Just a few days prior on November 8th Venus moves into Libra and the day after on November 12th Mars moves into Libra. Here, at the heart of Scorpio we experience the ebb and flow of the deepest mysteries of our being. Luckily we have gentle Libran breezes filling our sails, when we rise to the surface, smoothing interactions with diplomacy. The more calm and peaceful we can be in our relations, the more stillness in ourselves we have to realize the depth of our heart changes.

The changes inspired by the Scorpio New Moon look like a minor blip on the emotional radar if we don’t investigate it with our hearts. It’s easy to brush off a change in behavior or a shift in perspective as fleeting if we let the brain run our energy. The real magic of this Moon shows up when we allow ourselves to feel. When we dive into that blip for a closer look we find that the feeling is deeper than we imagined, with hooks in our most basic childhood fears and first traumatic assumptions. That minor blip emotional moment looks like nothing from far away, but is actually the migration of an entire pod of giant sperm whales right through our heart. The changes we’re making now are deep. Deeper than we can see, deeper than our logic and ideals can explain. This Moon can heal us in ways that ripple out across our lives if we allow those feelings to simmer, boil and surface in all their illogical massive glory. Let your heart hurt. Look in your skeletons closet. Let your past fear heal your future.

The paradox of this critical moment of deep healing is the Libra Venus and Mars entrance on either side. Not only are we suiting up in scuba gear to conquer our fears in the name of love, but we want everyone to like us while we’re at it. Venus in Libra wants Love to be fair, where everyone gets a piece of the pie, and we all understand each other perfectly. Mars in Libra is going to use the purest thoughts and gentlest behaviors to wage that war of peace. During this time where our insides are changing we should be mindful not to say nice things that we don’t really mean, be passive aggressive, or try to explain things we don’t really understand. It’s ok to not have the words. It’s ok to not understand. It’s ok for things to be unequal. It’s ok if things don’t make sense. We don’t have to explain it all right now, but we can give each other all the compassion and space for healing in the world.

The Scorpio New Moon allows us to change in inexplicable ways; deep, scary, amazing, passionate, life affirming change. Libra Venus and Mars on either side brings us peace in our relationships. Focus on places and people who make you feel peaceful and bring out your gentleness. Use the Libran influence of the inner planets to grow the relationships in your life that bring you stillness of mind. With the wild winds of the mind at ease we can see the bottom of the ocean of our hearts. Find your trusted allies and friends. Tell them that you are lost in the sea of your heart and maybe love shared in deep counsel will bring you to the other side with a new kind of wisdom. Trust your transformation. Don’t worry about being fair or right, or explaining it all in the moment. Sit with the discomfort of the unknown. In the company of loved ones, the wild unknown becomes a beautiful adventure.

Transform Your Heart With Love.

Blessed Be.


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