Full Moon in Taurus, Grand Water Trine and Samhain

samhain divinationThis month the Full Moon shines in Taurus, the builder, the grower, the greatest wall and the ultimate vessel of the zodiac. The Full Moon is exact on October 27th at 5:05 am PDT (12:05 pm GMT). The Sun has entered Scorpio, bringing us into alignment for a Grand Water Trine on Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows Eve. During this time the veils between worlds are thin and our psychic awareness is heightened. We can gain clarity about the physical aspects of our lives, home, body, money, security. We seek concrete examples of our divine inspired Path, inner knowing and insights.

Full Moon in Taurus highlights our need for the stability. This is a show me moment. We need to see the real thing; progress, support, investment, commitment. Talk is not enough. Action is only half the battle. What we want now is results. Under this Moon commitments are of the utmost importance. Knowing who we can count on for what level of support is critical. This is a good moment to practice one of the tenants of non-violent communication: non-attachment to who can give what kind of support. It’s easy to get hung up wanting a certain person to do a certain thing, but if we truly want to have our needs met we have to stay open and accept support from the people who are able and ready to give it. Asking for more from someone who has nothing more to give creates unhealthy expectations. The inverse is also true. Giving when it’s not asked for or when you don’t actually have enough grows resentment and the ego of responsibility. Having someone to guide and listen through relationship adjustments can be helpful. This Moon is an important time to be firm about your boundaries and manage expectations for yourself and others.

Taurus Full Moon is also a time for taking inventory and planning. Count your chickens, hatched or not. Be brutally honest with yourself about what your resources are. Make a budget, define your savings and debt goals for the next year, get inspired for long term career plans. Do some research; find out how much it will cost to get started on your dreams. Invest time, energy and money in your goals, and personal development. The light of this Moon shows us the support and infrastructure of our financial security. Where does the money come from? What makes it keep coming? What helps us stay motivated? How can we build more structural support to make that process easier?

Just after the Taurus Moon focus on facts, a Grand Water Trine on October 31st brings us back to the heart. We need to be healthy and take care of ourselves in order to support growth and healing in others. It’s ok to give to ourselves before taking care of others, even our children. If we are not healthy, they learn from us that it is ok to treat yourself badly. Don’t give when you don’t have. Saying no can be difficult, because creating responsibility makes us feel needed and important. When our sense of responsibility is driven by ego and insecurity, it leads us down the first steps of co-dependent and enabling behavior. Constantly compromising personal comfort for the sake of others creates a vortex of self neglect. Use the Grand Water Trine to take care of yourself. This is not to say that hard work and showing up are easy, but if we take care of ourselves along the way, we can do the hard work, and still have love to share with those we care about afterwards. Admitting our limitations is not easy. Don’t be all you can be, be human.

After the Taurus Full Moon and Grand Water Trine, All Hallows Eve connects our physical reality and our heart connections to our divine psychic insights. When the veils are thin we can ask ourselves the hard questions and allow the answers in without judgement. Notice the structures and relationships in your life that fit with that intuitive guidance. Listen to your instincts, your gut, your inner knowing. Let go of the places where you’ve built up ego and expectations. Make a plan that actually inspires you. Invest in yourself. Invest in your Dreams. Let Spirit guide you into manifesting Love.

Build Love.

Blessed Be.

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