New Moon in Libra

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This month the New Moon is exact in Libra on Monday October 12th at 5:06pm. Libra is the social stabilizer, the balancing force for communication and kindness, the source of idea, the first breath of innovation, the enticing glimpse of imagination. This New Moon lands on the heels of Mercury Direct in Libra getting our communications flowing smoothly again. Venus also just moved into Virgo, along with the North Node. Libra may have us wearing a balanced gentle perspective on our sleeve and in our words, but underneath that mask of diplomacy attention to detail and analysis are driving us towards manifestation in the physical realm. These stars inspire us to find the balance between gentle words, diplomatic expressions, logical analysis and practical action.

Venus and the North Node have just joined Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. The North Node guides our awareness of self growth as we challenge ourselves to be better people. Venus shines her divine light through the Virgo logical dissection of our desires, passions and sense of beauty. Mars is all about action and Jupiter opens the door to opportunities. With these four planets all in Virgo we can expect to see very real results from probative analyses, decisive action and mining information for practical applications. The opportunities for follow through on our desires are already aligned if we are willing to look at the hard facts. Virgo is a sign of the final stages of manifestation, as long as we are open to the changes required of us to achieve our dreams.

The shadow side of Virgo is an attachment to perfection that creates mania or obsession and negates the ability to take action. Focusing on beauty and aesthetic can help us see that flaws are inherent to Art. Perfect things and lives are boring, and people we perceive as perfect are often projections of the ways we feel inadequate. Let yourself be beautiful instead of being perfect. Honor your ego by being vulnerable about your flaws. As soon as we admit our humanity; that we can’t do it all, we are not perfect, we are not the ideals we strive for but we keep trying anyway, we need each other, we are still learning; the opportunities to achieve our dreams become obvious. Shifting from judgement into curiosity opens our hearts to life as it is in this moment. From that mindset we can witness the manifestations that are already taking place and be grateful, rather than striving for unhealthy ideals or beating ourselves up.

The New Moon in Libra can help us stay supportive through this process. Libra inspires us to talk about the hard things without triggering each other. Libra helps us hold our sense of what is right and fair without losing our ability to see each other. Walking together means giving each other room to make complicated maneuvers. Compassion and kindness in our words and hearts goes a long way, even if it’s only skin deep in the moment. Seeing ourselves through the mirror of our reactions to other people is a special kind of insight. The Libra New Moon allows us to shift our relationships towards a new starting point. We see life situations as a spectrum, witness the balancing act, allow others to be different without being challenged by it. Keeping the surface friendly and calm can keep the inner school marm of “should” in check. If we can allow others to be different, we can allow ourselves to be different. If we can see life as a spectrum we can allow ourselves to slide through stages with grace. If we understand balance, we know that sometimes the pendulum swings all the way to one side before it can come back to center. Be nice. Start with yourself. Let go of should. Love the beautiful human imperfection that is your dreams and manifest them into reality!

Manifest Beauty!

Blessed Be.


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