Full Moon in Aries, Eclipse and Earth Trine

eclipse rainbow

This month the Full Moon shines in Aries, exact on Sunday Sept. 27th at 7:40pm PDT. On top of our beautiful moon shines a lunar eclipse to bookend the eclipse corridor that began with the solar eclipse on Sept. 12th. Two days after the Full Moon Eclipse combo a Grand Earth Trine aligns in the skies bringing super change September to a material manifesting close.

The Full Moon in Aries shines her light on our passion. The light in the darkness after the first long hard rain is the love that will keep us warm through the winter months. This Full Moon inspires us to express our deepest passions, to let new pieces of our identity shine through, to try a new direction that feeds our creative soul.

The Lunar Eclipse brings a moment of finality to our transformation. We know what we want, we know what it takes to get it, and with this eclipse riding on top of the Full Moon we are not putting up with any more distractions. The Lunar Eclipse acts as a catalyst, transforming our interaction with our dreams. Anything that does not directly relate to our goals becomes inconsequential. This is a powerful moment for grief, release, and letting go. Patterns and attachments that we held as part of our identity are called into question and we can safely let go.

Two days after the Full Moon and Eclipse reach their peak a Grand Earth Trine aligns in the skies. This is the final bite of the manifestation sandwich of Sept. 2015. The Earth Trine on Sept. 3rd started us down this path with a very real taste of change. Seeing our dreams come to life gave us the motivation to engage the internal shift that this eclipse cycle demands. On Sept. 29th we see the results of our metamorphosis. Satisfaction and a sense of solid ground returns beneath our feet.

Mercury retrograde running through Libra for the later half of this month has caused us to reconsider our plans, and the social structures we are part of. All this change comes at the cost of our ego. Shedding painful cycles, masks of identity and destructive patterns is nothing short of necessary as we co-create the world we want to see. Mercury retrograde offers us the look back we need to understand how pain and suffering are carried forward, and allow us to choose a different Path.

This Full Moon in Aries and Eclipse cycle is a moment to remake our destiny. Anything is possible if we are willing to do the internal work to make it a reality. Dreaming the biggest dream means believing beyond our fears, growing past our pain, and living our Truth regardless what we’ve been told. Open your heart, dive inside, find yourself, and then build a world that supports the beautiful you that is longing to be seen.

Find Yourself, Build Your Dreams.

Blessed Be!

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