New Moon in Virgo, Partial Solar Eclipse, Grand Fire Trine and Equinox

This month the New Moon is exact in Virgo on Saturday Sept. 12th at 11:41pm PDT (Sept. 13th 6:41am GMT). Just a few minutes later a Partial Solar Eclipse peaks, although visible only from Antarctica, South Africa and Southern India, this partial eclipse has a powerful impact on the New Moon alignment. September is a super delicious double decker manifestation sandwich, grounding practical Earth Trines make the outer layer, Eclipses line our insides with heart opening authenticity, and the juicy center of this cosmic lunch of the soul is an inspirational Fire Trine and the divine equilibrium of the Fall Equinox. This month illuminates our unique balance, and aligns our lives and relationships to feed our Truth and nurture Love.

The New Moon in Virgo opens our eyes to a different paradigm of perfection and beauty. We have to be careful not to judge ourselves too harshly. Our perspective has been opened wide to include the entire spectrum. We are considering many different angles at once, some for the first time, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We are witnessing effects of change we never considered before. We want to be on the “right” Path, but what is right for each of us may be very different. With Venus direct in Libra again since Sept 6th, our desires are clear, and we can see who is on the same page. The task now is to use the enhanced analysis and awareness of the Virgo New Moon to support our passion expression and sense of peace. Tearing our hair out over details won’t get us anywhere. Perfection is a valuable tool for analysis and motivation, but as an end result it can limit our ability to acknowledge progress and live in alignment with the natural flow of events.

The Partial Solar Eclipse checks our New Moon perspective for ego. It’s time to get over ourselves. This can work in our favor in two different ways. First; no one is perfect. We don’t have to be perfect, we have to be human. We are more authentic and lovable when we talk about our faults and mistakes and own our bad behavior. We can’t move past bad habits and grow until we admit that we need to. Second; love is more important than success. Striving towards external ideas of success doesn’t lead to happiness. The Partial Solar Eclipse tears away our societal conditioning, family duty, assumed roles and identities, misguided pride and drive for power. We’re left with dreams that grow straight from our heart; creative inspirations, aspiring to be better people, better lovers, happier, stronger community members, our humility, our humanity; dreams that make us want to get up in the morning and do something beautiful.

The heart of our month of accelerated change centers around the three days from Sept. 20th to 23rd. On Sept. 20th a Grand Fire Trine aligns the Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Leo, and Uranus in Aries to harmonize the evolution of our love, passionate expression and unique perspective to make something amazing. On Sept 23rd the Equinox peaks and the Sun moves into Libra, reminding us that this inspiration, this passion, this drive to become and evolve and transform is a part of what it means to live in radical Balance. We need inspiration and excitement. We also need peace, love and practical support.

We started September with a beautifully practical Earth Trine, bringing our big ideas into realistic terms. This was our first taste of the new world we are manifesting internally and externally this month. The New Moon in Virgo coupled with a Partial Solar Eclipse on Sept 12th is the second bite of this cosmic change super snack, blasting our consciousness with a spectrum of pure heart perspective; pushing ego out of the circle of influence to honor our Truth. Before the Full Moon, the next eclipse, and the final Earth Trine bring our dreams into real world applications we get to savor the gooey center. The Grand Fire Trine and the Equinox will take us into the melty heart of our passion to find our inspiration and create a balanced life from the dreams that encourage us to grow and love. Go big, go home, find love, find balance and create the life that inspires you!

Balance Is Love. Life Is Delicious.

Blessed Be.


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