Full Moon in Pisces and Grand Earth Trine

pisces libra metamorphosis

This month the Full Moon shines in Pisces, the healing rain, the changing waters, the release valve of the zodiac. The Full Moon is exact on Saturday August 29th at 11:35am PDT (6:35pm GMT).  The Pisces Full Moon opens our hearts to let go, flow with change and integrate transitions as they come. The Full Moon is the juicy loving center of an astrological change sandwich. Mercury moves into Libra just two days before this powerful heart transforming Moon, bringing our relationships and communications into balance. Two days after the peak of the Pisces Full Moon a Grand Earth Trine aligns in the skies manifesting supportive structure and real results from our efforts.

The Pisces Full Moon is a moment for peaceful transition. Endings are natural and necessary. Experiencing the empty spaces gives our hearts room to grow in new directions. This Moon shines her light on the areas of our life that are undergoing the most change. Pisces helps us transform our emotional reality without getting caught up in the presentation. What things look like is not as important as how you feel as you engage with the process. Going with the flow creates grace in moments of extreme transition, guide the flow towards safety and love.

Mercury’s move into Libra just before this Moon starts us down our path of self awareness and emotional transitions with diplomatic communications. Balancing relationships and equalizing social arrangements bubbles under the surface of every exchange. Political decisions, agreements and social contracts are up for negotiation with Libra guiding us through rapid fire, silver tongued Mercury. Listening is just as important as speaking, as long as we don’t lose track of our Truth in the process of facilitating a fair engagement. If we keep the conversation flowing until everyone expresses their needs we can truly understand all sides of an issue.

Processing emotional changes, weighing options and communicating diplomatically all at once is a tall order. Sometimes it’s easier to let actions speak for themselves. Let the ones you love know that they are valued and cared for. If we can muddle through the awkward moments and be true to our hearts the Grand Earth Trine on September 2nd will bring very real results from our interactions and efforts. Mutually supportive structures fall into place that produce immediate tangible results. Once you understand all the angles, choose the Path that is best for you and put your love and energy into it. Go with the flow of your heart, be kind, and invest in the support you need.

Manifest Love and Support.

Blessed Be.




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