New Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo

leo new moon virgo jupiter

This month the New Moon peaks in Leo, the big flame, the presenter, the generous spirit of the zodiac. The New Moon is exact on Friday August 14th at 7:53am PDT (2:53pm GMT). This is a point of retreat and redefinition for the people who are usually spotlight brightest and boldest. For those who prefer the sidelines and supporting roles, this New Moon shines the perfect soft light for you to try a new expression safely, without having it fully on display. Things that have shifted on the inside begin to show under these stars. There’s no where to hide anymore, but go gently. Be Kind to yourself and others.

The Leo New Moon shifts identities and personal expression, but it also opens new creative dynamics. Give yourself permission to try new things. Art and performance are great places to explore. Notice what feeds you, notice what you feel excited to work on. If you push yourself too hard down a Path that doesn’t suit you anymore, these stars will bring out the retaliatory over indulgence your Spirit needs to recover. Avoid the emotional roller coaster. Give your creative Spirit room to play. Start with what you love and see who wants to work together. As our identities shift, so do our relationships; give others room to change and keep a weather eye on your expectations. People may surprise you on the other side of this Moon, including yourself!

Just days before the Leo New Moon, on Tuesday August 11th, Jupiter makes a grand exit from Leo and moves on into Virgo. Jupiter has a year long transit, shifting our awareness of growth and expansion every year, giving us a new flavor of experiences to explore and a new method to push progress annually. Jupiter in Virgo heralds a year of critical thinking and beautification. Growth and opportunities have tried all three bears and now the open doors we need must be just right for us to actually go through. The good news is that the more perspective we gain, the more pointed our inquiries, the more defined our needs and desires, the more ways forward become available.

This is a year to be specific. Last year gave us the broad strokes, opportunities with neon flashing lights and big arrows. This next year is for honing in on the finer points of our dreams. This year opportunities come in pros and cons lists, and magical perfect moments. The beauty is in the details. Notice the details that sway you in situations and how many places those details apply. Virgo also looks for the healthy beautiful solution. Virgo wants things to look right, but only because they are right. Notice how healthy boundaries and routines affect your body and the world around you. Virgo Jupiter can see the beauty in healthy growing things. Plant a garden, teach someone makeup art, get a gym membership, eat right, honor your body and focus on your health.

The New Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo together create a place for us to take the big ideas of the last year and start to form them into an actionable plan. The Leo New Moon offers us safety to express ourselves in a new way, to talk about change, to show who and how we want to be in the world, and create what we want to grow. Jupiter in Virgo gives us the practical perspective to build towards our dreams step by step. Make each step count. Make each step beautiful and healthy. Honor your True self, acknowledge what it takes and start being who you want to be.

Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.


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  1. Beautiful Mooncat! You’ve got some nice metaphors in this one that bring the concepts home. No more flashy lights and roller coasters if I can help it. 😉

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