Blue Moon in Aquarius and Saturn Direct

blue moon aquarius


This month hosts a second Full Moon, the magical thirteenth moon, the Blue Moon in Aquarius, exact on Friday July 31st at 3:43am PST (10:43am GMT). This Moon is an opportunity to rise above our patterns and look at the bigger picture. Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac, ahead of their time, interconnected thinking, inspiring the revolution, rallying for the cause, inspiring us to engage with the Zen paradigm; living the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Aquarius incites change driven by big picture thinking and sustainability. Every action we take has meaning, but what are our cumulative efforts creating in the world over time?  The Aquarius Full Moon becomes the wide lens so we can look at our dreams in relation to all things. Who and what is affected by our plans? What doors open and close at each critical juncture? Who do we want to bring with us? How do we support innovation and community?

The day after the Full Moon, Saturn goes direct in Scorpio. Saturn turned retrograde back in March and dipped back into Scorpio in mid June. This last few months has been an important reworking period, rediscovering what we are willing to work hard for, what motivates us to stay disciplined, and where our limits are emotionally and mentally. As Saturn turns direct our hard work over the last few months on self discipline and boundaries is creating results. Dig into your heart space. Notice what brings your walls up and how hard you work to maintain boundaries in life situations and relationships. These are the keys to working smarter. For the last few months working harder was sometimes all we could do, but now we can put some of that hard earned information to use to create a process that is less taxing. What do you want to build in this life and why?

The Aquarius Full Moon focuses our attention on long term planning and sustainability, and Saturn direct shows us the places where discipline and knowing your limits leads to prosperity. The Blue magic of this thirteenth moon is a moment to step outside routine. Get above the day to day, look at life with a fresh perspective and notice the rare opportunities sitting on the horizon. The more we step back to look without attachment the more opportunity we can see. The Blue Moon as the second Full Moon in a month is relatively recent lore, but the mystery and power for manifestation purposes is even stronger as more people honor this mystical phenomenon. Combining the seasonal lore of ancient times with the modern drive for the scientific creates a powerful bridge. We must be honest with ourselves about how our efforts are manifesting over time and what kind of motivation sustains our actions. The Blue Moon presents a rare magical view that inspires us to manifest our dreams in a unique way. Look at the big picture, notice what motivates your work, how your efforts are rewarded, and manifest unique opportunities.

Work Smarter! Be Unique!

Blessed Be.

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