New Moon in Cancer and Venus in Virgo

full moon in cancer virgo venus

This month the New Moon shines in Cancer, exact at 6:24 pm PDT on Wednesday July 15th (1:24 am July 16th GMT). Cancer intensifies the pure emotional aspects of our lives. The New Moon and the Cardinal modality of Cancer accentuate the newness of emotion. Under this Moon we notice new feelings about old situations, new love moves our lives, and a fresh perspective on trust and safety is born. July 18th, three days after the New Moon, Venus moves into Virgo, shifting our desire towards practical transformation. Our reborn hearts shift our desires towards building a world that supports our needs for love and trust.

New Moon in Cancer offers us the safety of darkness to explore our greatest fears and notice how they relate to our perception of love. Our ability to receive love and trust others is only as great as our ability to identify our fears and confront the dialog that we are unlovable. Fear is a useful ally when used to protect us from real danger, but we develop conditioned responses from repeated or extreme experiences that come out to protect us, even long after the real threat has gone. Notice your patterns. What is your greatest fear? Why is it there? What routines, responses, plans and ideas do you have that grew from that fear? The Cancer New Moon is a chance to retrain our hearts, to recondition our reactions to encourage love and acceptance. We can use these same questions to investigate Love. What do we love the most? Why does it make us feel good? What dreams grow from love? How can we support more love in our lives?

Delving into our heart work means nothing if we don’t have a safe space to practice new techniques and a support plan to keep us engaged with our new way of being. Venus in Virgo is the perfect ally to the Cancer New Moon for this kind of practical support. Virgo helps us analyze and synthesize practices and processes, and Venus drives our desires. Venus in Virgo encourages us let go of attachments that are holding us back. She shows us the holes in our logic, gives us perspective to redefine our ideas of stability and growth, and inspires us to transform our environment. Our fresh insight about love from the Cancer New Moon gives us direction, and practical Venus in Virgo helps us build a plan. Let’s lay a new foundation of emotional support so we can build more Love into our lives.

Trust Your Heart, Change Your World!

Blessed Be.


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