Full Moon in Capricorn

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This month the Full Moon shines in Capricorn, exact on Wednesday July 1st at 7:20 pm PDT (2:20 am July 2nd GMT). The day before this powerful Full Moon, a Grand Fire Trine lights up the sky, and a week later Mercury finally leaves their extended Gemini transit and transitions into Cancer. The Capricorn Full Moon brings our goals into view with a fresh look at our resources and a practical plan to back us up. The air is thick with possibility, but we have to think outside the box to see the beauty in the storm clouds.

The Full Moon in Capricorn puts our big plans on display. Under the Full reflected light of this Moon we can see the flaws in our process and address them directly. Our dreams have been painted in very realistic lighting, but the Path still needs some work. We must use our resources now to start building a foundation. With the big pieces in place we can start down the road towards sustainable growth.

Right before this big picture design phase peaks we experience the effects of a Grand Fire Trine. This Fire Trine aligns the Sagittarius Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo, and Uranus in Aries to develop and complete unique creative opportunities. Testing the limits of our comfort zone brings us a deeper understanding of our desires. From that place of self awareness, unusual solutions to satisfy our needs become obvious. Be honest about what you want and why. Open your mind to dynamic solutions and try something new.

The combined effects of the Capricorn Full Moon and the Grand Fire Trine are powerful, but they require radical honesty. Acknowledging our deepest desires leads to opportunities to start taking action. The first steps may feel uncomfortable, but without a foundation of action and investment our goals remain fantasies. The way we view our plans and resources is due for an overhaul. Learn to see what you have with appreciation and use it to your advantage. When Mercury moves into Cancer on July 8th we gain the words to express how our changes affect our hearts and relationships. A new kind of safety and trust is growing. Believe in your dreams and make them real.

Trust Your Creative Vision!

Blessed Be.

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