New Moon in Gemini and Summer Solstice!

gemini moon summer solsticeThis month the New Moon shines in Gemini, exact on Tuesday June 16th at 7:05am PDT (2:05pm GMT). The New Moon in Gemini brings the pieces of the puzzle together. Communications peak, collaborations bring insights, and our understanding of reality blossoms into inspiration. Every color of information and brush of opinion is at our fingertips. Delving into the mystery of life and our deepest desires gives us the canvas to paint our dreams.

The Gemini New Moon empowers our analysis of information by opening doors to perspective and possibility. Exploration and brain storming is important, but it can cause overload. One of the dangers of this powerful mental Moon is letting the mind run wild and forgetting the heart. Seeing both sides of an issue can make it harder to make a decision. Balancing extremes in our lives complicates our ability to take action. Exciting ideas and information light up our horizons with so much potential that it’s hard to see the Path forward. New input can shift our perspective drastically, but changing routines and plans takes monumental effort. The temptation is to scrap everything and start fresh. Starting over is not only improbable and impractical, but without a deep emotional motivation square one is down right daunting.

The Solstice on the 21st, just days after the Gemini New Moon, marks a shift from planning, seeding, setting gears in motion to harvesting, receiving and transformation. What we want has grown and changed, now we can make space in our lives for new things to manifest. Rather than starting over from scratch, we need to find new ways to use the tools we’ve cultivated. We have skills and resources, and beautiful ideas. The new direction asks us to streamline, to get light and easy, to make room, but we don’t have to overhaul the entire system. Creative expression is a first step to understanding how our hearts work. Find your art, find your heart and take notes on what inspires you. Pull all of your goals and dreams down off the shelf and put back the ideas that create space in your life for peace, love and healing.

Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind.

Blessed Be.



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