Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is exact on Tuesday June 2nd at 9:19am PDT (4:19pm GMT). Sagittarius is the transformer, the evolutionary specialist, the pusher of edges and ideas of the zodiac. This Full Moon is an invitation to do things better than before; to dream a new iteration of amazing. Be bold, take the pioneering steps that bring inspiration to life. On June 4th, just days after the height of Full Moon excitement, a Grand Fire Trine lights up the stars and ignites our hearts. If we muster the courage to try a crazy new idea under the Sagittarius Full Moon, the Grand Fire Trine opens the door for us to dance into those dreams.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius holds up our ideals so we can see if we still need those dreams. One of the hardest things to do is to keep going when the going gets rough. Sagittarius Full Moon is a pressure cooker. The heat in the kitchen is unbearable. We can learn to love to sweat, find a window to open, or move the kitchen outside completely, but something has to change. Pain is the body’s way to tell us that something isn’t working. Anger and frustration are the heart’s language. If we listen to our hearts and bodies we can understand the source of our pain and frustration. Sometimes pain and frustration are familiar. We expect to be frustrated or hurting, and it becomes our normal. What we have to do now is go outside our comfort zone on a quest for pleasure and joy. Outside the box is where the magic happens, especially when that box is so small it hurts.

The Grand Fire Trine just after the Full Moon is an opportunity to innovate. Doing the same thing repeately produces similar results. If we want to permeate our lives with real change, we have to be willing to do things differently. Innovative solutioning, collaborative brainstorming and creative expression are tools at ground zero of our personal growth construction site. The next level of our lives and our identities is just a wild idea away. Radical adventure is a great first step. We don’t need a perfect plan, we just need to do something now; a rough idea of where we are headed will do, the less specific the better. Why you are doing what you are doing matters. Ask yourself the hard questions, be honest about what you want and why, and try something new to align your life with your joy.

Open your mind, express your heart.


Blessed Be.



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