Full Moon in Scorpio!

underwater scorpio

This month the Full Moon deepens into the well of Scorpio, the ocean trenches of mystery and magic, becoming exact on Sunday May 3rd at 8:42pm PDT (May 4th, 3:42am GMT). This Full Moon brings our darkest secrets and our inner mystery up to the surface to play for a few days, fueled by the real world manifesting, building, physical Taurus Sun. This Full Moon brings us all the way in and all the way out, all at once. What we see in each other under this Moon gives us a glimpse at our own inner workings, and the motivations at the core of the people we love.

The Scorpio Full Moon inspires us to feel and emote, but when it comes time to act we need to tread carefully. Issues we’ve buried so deep we thought they were dead come out to play under this Moon. Old habits die harder than we thought. Even if we’ve built new structures to support us, and done the work to let go of detrimental patterns, the wounds from those pains can reach into our present. When you find yourself triggered, or reacting strongly ask yourself if you’ve evolved beyond this defense mechanism.

This Full Moon shows us our attachments and expectations. Seeing our deepest fears and loves played out across our reality is a compass to the landscape of our needs and desires. What we want most is not always easy to admit, obvious or healthy, but shifting those goals and desires starts with acknowledging. Information and communication is a good start, but we have to satisfy the physical aspects of that drive before we can heal it. Look for outlets to satisfy both body and heart that don’t feed into old destructive patterns.

The last stanza of the Scorpio Full Moon riddle opens the door to understanding. Emotional intensity and expression can be overwhelming. The golden underbelly of the Scorpio beast is spiritual and psychic growth. Showing up for the uncomfortable parts of our process is an opportunity to practice our divine gifts for healing and love. Spiritual practice and ritual is ever evolving, growing as we grow, supporting our evolution. This Moon is a chance to hone our abilities, take things to the next level, feel more than our hearts can hold, see more than we’ve seen before. Open your heart, check your reaction at the door, do your work, and dive into the mystery.

Heal your heart, save your soul.

Blessed Be.


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