New Moon in Aries!!!


This month the New Moon lands in Aries, deepening to exact newness on Saturday, April 18th at 11:56 am PDT (6:56 pm GMT). Aries are the thrill seekers, the risk takers, the inspiration, the creative seeds, the spark, the flash, the winning smile of the zodiac. Aries is also the beginning of the zodiac and the New Moon is the beginning of the Moon Cycle offering us clean slate and a deep sense of starting over as we stride through the darkness of the New Moon this month.

The recent eclipses and Pisces astrological infusion brought us through a period of reflection and recollection. Feeling our way through what we have been emphasized the changes we long for. We started to let go of the past; ideas of self, attachments, routines, relationships, drama, pain. Pain can be addicting. We’ve been working hard to face our fears and grow past limiting beliefs and expectations. All that grief and emotional release paved the way for experimentation. We have all the room we need to maneuver, and the time is right to embark on this new journey. The Aries New Moon inspires us to look at things in a new way, do things differently than before, heed the call of adventure and ride out into the wild blue yonder.

Before we can get going, we have to have a serious talk. This New Moon lands just after Venus shifts into Gemini and Mercury moves into Taurus. Communications focus on resources and logistics now, and our wants and needs center around gathering information, exchanging ideas and opinions. With Jupiter moving direct again, opportunities to explore and experiment come bubbling up to the surface, but we need to know some possible outcomes before we take off running. Everything has been done before, do some investigation, and see if you can’t do it better. These planetary alignments offer the perfect setup to get inspired, gather resources, research ideas and build an excitingly realistic plan that will take us closer to our dreams. If you can dream it, it can be done, and this New Moon in Aries is the perfect moment to figure out how!

Build Your Dreams!

Blessed Be!


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