Full Moon in Libra and Total Lunar Eclipse!

full moon balance

This month the Full Moon shines in Libra, the balance, the point of understanding, the pure idea of the zodiac. Full Moon is exact on Saturday April 4th at 5:01am PST (12:01pm GMT) followed just a few minutes later by a Total Lunar Eclipse visible from Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the Americas. After the phase of experimentation inspired by the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago, we have learned how to feel and do things in a completely new way. Now we need a rooted, stable counterpoint to bring us back into balance. Like a toddler on a playground, adventure calls us to grow and play, but we need to know that safety and comfort is just a few steps away.

Full Moon in Libra sheds light on our social structures. This moon inspires us to categorize relationships by their extremes. Where are we giving, and where are we receiving? What inspires us to plan for the future, and what makes us nostalgic for days gone by?  Who holds us in times of need, and who asks for help in ways that make us shine? Our hearts need all these different kinds of love and experience, and everyone has a unique balance that feeds their soul. This Full Moon shows us where our balance point is, and what we need to feel to reach that equilibrium.

The Total Lunar Eclipse pushes into the hidden depths of our emotional center. Feelings, patterns and relationships need to change; metamorphosis starts in the heart. This Eclipse is an opportunity for deep healing. The more we feel, the more we can change. It’s not fun to acknowledge the places our lives are out of balance. We are often conditioned to hide pain or run from emotion. There is no hiding now. We need to be honest about the reality of our emotional, physical situation, with ourselves and others, in order to grow. Powered by this Eclipse we can let go of attachments that are keeping us unstable; addictions, drama, savior or victim mentality, superiority, ego pride, scarcity mind, not good enough, self doubt, societal pressure, shame, blame, guilt. To grow past our fear, first we must go in and look at what is holding us out of balance, stir up old emotions, feel them so we know them. After the feelings, we can see clearly, and moving past the obstacle towards healing is a matter of choice. Go deep, feel it all, love yourself for it, and find your way back to the balance that is right for you.

Feel Balance In Your Heart!

Blessed Be.


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