New Moon in Pisces, Spring Equinox and Total Solar Eclipse!

Pisces Eclipse

This month the New Moon lands in Pisces, exact at 2:36am on Friday, March 20th PST (9:36am GMT). Just minutes after the peak of the New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse crosses, visible from Europe, Northern Asia and the Atlantic. Friday the 20th is also the Spring Equinox, balancing the light and dark of the year and kicking off Spring. The Sun also moves into Aries later in the day, bringing a round of inspiration and adventure. This powerful confluence of events opens our hearts and our lives for a renewal of spirit and a fresh start in a new direction.

New Moon in Pisces is an emotional release point. It’s a point of letting go and moving on, letting the tears fall where they may and picking up the pieces of our hearts from the wreckage. Pisces is no stranger to drama and showmanship, but it’s also a deeply transformational sign. Changes on the surface reflect deep changes in the heart. Before you write something off as superficial look for the underlying cause. Relationships and priorities are shifting. You may not be the one who is changing the most intensely. Then again, you might be. Notice the people and identities you’re leaving behind.

This New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse comes at the very end of the Sun and Moon transit through Pisces. This a moment for closure. Massive changes have taken place. It’s time to honor those changes and celebrate with finality. There’s no need to make further adjustments or try to undo things. There is no going back, and there is no reason to. This Total Solar Eclipse is a perfect moment to let go completely. Let go of judgement; let go of shoulds and maybe ifs; let go of the guilt, shame, blame game and acknowledge the Truth of this moment. Things may not be perfect, but they’re better than they were and we’ve grown from the process.

We’ve made astounding progress in certain directions over the last year. After celebrating that change and letting go of dreams that are no longer a possibility,  ideas of what to do next come flooding in. The Sun and Moon move into Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac, shortly after the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse. This transit shifts our focus to what needs to grow almost immediately after acknowledging what is dead. Adventure is calling, inspiration sparks action, and we are compelled to innovate and experiment. The Equinox holds all three of these major events in balance, asking us to open our hearts to growth. Some things must die to make room for new life. This Eclipse is a perfect moment to reinvent yourself and your dreams, because opportunity to experiment is waiting as soon as you are willing to try!

Let Go, Open Up and Get Inspired!

Blessed Be!



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