Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn Retrograde!

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This month the Full Moon shines in Virgo, exact at 10:05 am PST (6:05 pm GMT) on Thursday March 5th. Virgo as our lunar host brightens our view of our ideals. How we engage and analyze ideas of perfection defines our happiness in many ways. We build our dreams and hopes on what we think is best for ourselves and those we love. Change and new information can shift the best outcome completely. Virgo loves to get intimate with the details of life and look for the Truth lying under all the moving parts. This Moon is an opportunity to look at both the micro and the macro of our lives and see where they agree and conflict.

Over the last few months we have grown and changed rapidly. Noticing change starts with the fuel from the Pisces Sun to first acknowledge the changes in our hearts. From there it is easy to see where our dreams have shifted as well. The perfect world is an important idea. If our dreams and goals haven’t grown with us, it’s time to do some catch and release. Catch yourself feeling shame or guilt because you’ve chosen a different Path and release those feelings and situations that aren’t actually supporting the new you. When life changes, we change and our plans change too. The Virgo Full Moon pushes us to reconfigure the physical to prove our dedication. Put your time, your money and your body where your new Path is. Closing investments and attachments to outmoded social structures purifies your experience. Make sure all the little details line up with the simple ideal at your heart center now.

Just a week after this powerful releasing Virgo Full Moon, Saturn takes us for a retrograde spin back through the beginning of Sagittarius. We’ve just started noticing how much exploration and freedom we need to transform. This next four months takes us back through our process to double check each step. The heart center is evolving and we need to give it space to grow. This process can feel like going backwards, especially in work and creative spheres, but no ground is actually being lost. We are simply redefining and affirming what we have done. The first phase of doing is ready for reflection. Motivation comes naturally when it springs from love and inspiration. Let change inspire you to become even more amazing than you already are.

Change your heart, change your life!

Blessed Be.


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