New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar New Year!!!

goat moon

This month a special second New Moon in Aquarius shines, exact on Wednesday February 18th at 3:47pm PST (11:47pm GMT). Every year there are 13 moons and 12 months, which means one of the 12 zodiac signs will be repeated. Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year lines up perfectly with our double dose of Aquarius New Moon, bringing in a new set of ideas and emotional patterns that build and release over a 13 moon cycle. This year our double New Moon sign is Aquarius. This second Aquarius New Moon highlights what we can and cannot do. You can do anything in life, but you cannot do everything. We have no choice but to be completely honest with ourselves about what we have time, money and energy for. Lofty goals and big picture dreams are the fuel and motivation to keep us going, but the day to day and week to week tasks have to be manageable. The more joy we can bring into our daily life, the more dedicated to our Path we become.

Just moments after the New Moon is exact the Sun moves into Pisces and in the following 24 hours both Venus and Mars move into Aries. The Pisces Sun lights up the changes in our hearts. We are ready to transform our relationships and agreements to suit our actual needs and wants. What is in our heart needs to be obvious. Under the Pisces Sun what you see is what you get, and what you see tells you what needs to change. External trappings are a result of a set of Truths. If the presentation and looks no longer suit the Truth in our hearts, then it’s time to adjust the agreements and expectations that created them.

Venus and Mars moving into Aries open up a multitude of new paths to try out. We know we need change, and just as we are ready to let go of the old, a host of exciting adventures come calling. Try everything once! If it feels really good, do it again! Keep a weather eye on how much energy is needed to get there, though. Variety is the spice of life, but we need solid ground to keep us steady through this phase of innovation and experimentation. We need to try creative, unique responses to problems we face regularly, but we also need to maintain practices that support our long term goals. Give yourself room to play, but not at the expense of your long term goals.

Rolling transformation energy fuels a bigger shift in perspective. The Lunar or Chinese New Year ushers out the year of the Wooden Horse and brings in the year of the Wooden Goat/Sheep. This last year was full of drive, growth and ambition with Wooden Horse as our guide. As the Aquarius New Moon pushes awareness of what we are actually capable of, the Wooden Goat/Sheep Lunar New Year asks us to do it beautifully. This lunar year is not about running, driving, pushing, striving; the 2015 lunar year is about holding together, abundance, steady growth, community and beauty. After  year of working hard to stay in the drivers seat of life and actively chose our Path we get a year to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Now that we know where we want to go, we need to share that Path with people who make the going joyful. The Pisces Sun helps us let go of attachments that cause suffering and expectations born out of ego. Goat/Sheep energy has a hard time letting go. The way to Love and Peace is through acceptance and forgiveness. You can’t change until you acknowledge the Truth of where and who you are. Love yourself and then change your life to support your Truth.

Acknowledge Love and Transform!

Blessed Be!



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