Full Moon in Leo!!!

Leo Full Moon

This month the Full Moon shines in Leo, exact at 3:09pm PST (11:09 pm GMT) on Tuesday Feb 3rd. Leo light is big and bright, driven by the Sun, but reflected on the surface of the moon our internal world is what feels larger than life. This Full Moon brings us through the tail end of Mercury retrograde and the Venus/Mars in Pisces combo. We are in the last stages of letting go before we can really sink our teeth into the new Path we’ve been designing. We’ve been reviewing our plans and reworking our ideas of sustainability over the last month with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Burnout is a real thing, and this last phase has shown us exactly where we do not have any more energy or resources to give. We are still fine tuning the long term plan to make the journey more enjoyable. No goal is worth misery every day for months or years on end.

The Leo Full Moon helps us put on the right face so we can test drive our new plan. This is the Fake it until you Make it Moon. Smile until you feel ok inside. Say nice things until you are past your anger enough to love again. Do six loads of laundry to wash the old ways out of your clothes and linens. Rearrange your space to make it conducive to activities you would like to do more of. Wear the clothes for the life you want. Leo is all about action and presentation. Even if you can’t do everything at once, doing a little thing right away takes the edge off, and sometimes it gets you started towards major progress. Making things look right and taking action now helps internalize the new you. Prove to yourself that you are the kind of person you want to be, and start by looking the part.

The other piece of Leo highlighted by this Full Moon is generosity. This Moon shows us all the places we have been giving, for better or worse. Sometimes what we have to give is not needed or wanted. When our gift is not accepted or appreciated it hurts. Giving out of obligation, real or imagined, breeds turmoil. Emotional flare ups now can shift relationships into more sustainable patterns and expectations. Sometimes the relationship that needs to change is internal. Giving humbly, without pride or ego is difficult. We want to feel like we are the best, because we care so much and try so hard. That kind of giving feeds our ego, rather than feeding the people we are giving to. Giving when it is not asked for is not fun for anyone. If someone needs and is not willing to ask, think carefully. Is it you who thinks they need, or them? Is this passive aggressive or manipulative? Has your relationship become co-dependent? The easy solution is to give to yourself instead. Complete emotional transformation is the most powerful motivator on deck these days. Use that to your advantage. The more you show up and give to yourself, the more sustainable the Path to your long term goals becomes. Put on your best shoes, do things you love, and give to yourself.

Give Sustainable Love!

Blessed Be.


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