New Moon in Aquarius!!!

aquarius heart moon

This month the New Moon is in Aquarius exact at 5:14am Jan 20th (1:15pm GMT). This is the first of two Aquarius New Moons in 2015. Aquarius pushes the edges of what we think is possible, forcing us out of social norms and learned behaviors into the realms of imagination and revolution. The double dose of Aquarius New Moon love in 2015 is just another mark of this truly revolutionary time we live in. We are ready to buck convention and run wildly into the future with our ideals as a beacon lighting the way. This New Moon beckons us to let our hearts and dreams take flight. If you could do anything, what would you do? If you had one wish for all of humanity that could come true if you just spoke it, what would you say? If you could follow one dream that inspires you more than anything, what would you be?

The Aquarius New Moon pushes us beyond ourselves to look at the big picture. The hard part is bringing it back in to build an actual plan to reach those lofty goals. The other side of this Aquarius New Moon is the side that focuses on sustainability. Big ideas are great, but we have to be able to work towards them without losing ourselves along the way. If goals are too big or unrealistic they need to be chopped into smaller pieces so we can take action. Aquarius is very action oriented. This Moon has us fresh off the heels of an Aquarius Mercury, Venus, Mars trifecta where we could see what we want for the long term, talk about it, then take action to get it all in a nice complete package. Mars has since moved on into Pisces, shifting our ability to act to the emotional realm. Even with all these beautiful big ideas flowing through our lives, we need our hearts to be in alignment in order to move forward.

The heart head alignment is part of the magic of 2015. It’s not enough anymore to have a sound logical approach, the romantic approach alone is not viable either. We need both. Checking our actions and goals against both of these ideals creates a compass to guide us through this New Moon and the whole of 2015. If both your heart and your head say you’re going in the right direction, that’s a good sign. The trick is using the mind to support the heart. We need to build harmony internally, rather than tearing ourselves down from the inside out. This Moon asks nothing short of a complete overhaul of the way we engage with our dreams.

Start with Love. Let Love grow legs and walk through your mind. The footfalls of self Love create Truth. Truth should agree with Love. If the head and the heart can’t get on the same page maybe what you’re calling love has actually become obsession, obligation, attachment, or expectation. First we have to find Love. Once we know what we Love, we can let our mind create a new world for us to grow into. With that new world as our vision we can start designing a plan. This is the part where we often get discouraged. It’s ok to head back to our comfort zone to integrate and build a plan. Sometimes this is the best place to start because we can see the good in what we have now, and feel the constraints we’ve built for ourselves reflected against the life we dream of.  It may take many steps to get from where we are to where we want to be, but if the vision we hold is built from what we truly love, each step is a joy. Breaking a big dream down into tiny action steps, steps so small you can take one today and another one tomorrow can be fun!  Dream as big as you can and don’t be afraid to build the plan you need to get there.

Love Yourself! Love Your Dreams! Take Steps Tomorrow!

Intention is Everything!


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  1. I truly enjoy you’re writing. This head heart connectin was the Shamanic study I was trained in during my 10 years with Lynn Andrews (Medicine Woman series)… I just wanted you to know I will reference your astrology in my first blog. I honor you as part of my dance community and all that you give away of you’re wonderful* beautiful* TALENTS. Thank You,
    Beth Giansiracusa
    Blog Title: Clan of the Radiant Elephant

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